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We are doing large sketches of our chosen plant today using pencil. Watch the video and have a go. We are looking forward to seeing them on Zoom!

Flowers and plants

 Today we are heading outside to sketch some of the plants and flowers we found yesterday. We also are going to take some photos of them with the ipads so we can zoom in and look at the different parts of the plant. Why don't you go outside and sketch some flowers and plants?

The anatomy of the flower | Primary Biology - Plants

Suitable for teaching 5 to 11s. Find out about the different parts of a flower, and what each one does through a mix of scientific enquiry and comedy! Subscr...

 For your writing activity today, we are thinking about reports! it's that time of year when I am writing your annual school report and thought it would be fun if you had a go at writing your own! think about:

  • The different subjects
  • Attitude and effort
  • Any particular successes 
  • Anything to work on for the future

I can't wait to read them!

Create your own school timetable and add times. Now create your own questions based on your timetable....

Re watch yesterday's video, copy this flower and label it's parts

What is pollination and how does it work? | Primary Biology - Plants

Suitable for teaching 5 to 11s. An overview of pollination and how it works through a mix of scientific enquiry and comedy. Subscribe for more Biology clips ...

How to sketch Wildflowers and Plants

Techniques for sketching wildflowers and plants in a field journal. Instructional Video produced by Oregon State University, 2009

Meeting a French family | French - Virtually There: France

Suitable for ages 7 to 11. Ben is keen to improve his French so he links up online with his friend Lili in Marseille and is introduced to her family. A clip ...

 Mrs Gibson has been teaching the children to talk about their family in French, watch the video and have a go!

PE from Mrs C! Have a go at this challenge on Thursday 25th June at 10am! I'll be doing this with the children in the Key Worker bubble too!

 Pleas write the following and email it to me or upload it! it is for the Leavers' Book and we need it today if possible!

Thank you


Favourite school memory


Three words to describe yourself


Three favourite subjects


I will be interested to read them!

Flowers to sketch

 Have a go at learning the signs to this song. The plan is to video the children signing it. If you would like to, you could video yourself signing along and send it to me.......

Sing It Sign It Makaton 'To Make You Feel My Love'

Treloar School teachers Jocelyn and Beth sing and sign to 'To Make You Feel My Love'

A French song about the days of the week | French - Virtually There: France

Suitable for ages 7 to 11. A lively song to practise the days of the week. A clip from a series teaching the basics of French. Subscribe for more French clip...

 Today we will be researching woodland animals and creating a fact file about them. Maybe you can share your chosen animal at Zoom time!

Choose your level - they start easier and get harder.....