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Week commencing: 5th July 2021

Monday 5th July 2021


Morning Class 4, here is today's home learning work. Try your best, and keep smiling! I look forward to seeing you all again soon, and I know you will all work really hard at home, this week.


Mr Q laugh


Mini Maths



We are going to focus on currency this week Class 4. Remember, £1 is the same as 100 pennies. Here is a reminder of the different coins:



Start with the varied fluency sheet below. After this, have a go at the problem-solving questions. If you want to challenge yourself, try the challenge worksheets at the bottom. 


Varied Fluency:











Here is today's English task. I would like you to do a descriptive piece of writing, that focuses on what Harry sees from the flying car. Below, is my example. Try and include some of these language features in your writing:


*sophisticated adjectives




If you want to challenge yourself, try to also include:


*embedded clauses


Mr Q's Example


Have a go at sketching the flying car from the novel, using this tutorial Class 4. Don't worry about the 3D element if you don't have scissors and glue, just sketch and enjoy being creative!

3D Trick Art on Paper - Harry Potter

Tuesday 6th July 2021


Morning Class 4, here is Tuesday's home learning work. Well done for the amazing work you all did at home yesterday. 


Mini Maths





Start with the varied fluency, then have a go at the two PDF worksheets. You don't need to print them, you can write the answers on a piece of paper. Remember, £1 = 100 pennies. 


  • If we look at the first varied fluency question, Class A saves 3589 pennies.
  • To convert this into pounds, we are going to divide by 100. 3589 divided by 100 = 35.89
  • Class B saves 3859 pennies, which when divided by 100, is 38.59
  • Which class saves the most money? That would be Class B, as they saved £38.59 (38 pounds and 59 pence). 







Here is today's English task Class 4. Remember, alliteration is when two words next to one another in a sentence, start with the same letter. For example: happily hopped, carefully crawled. 


As an extension, I would like you to write a paragraph about the flying car crashing into the whomping willow (see if you can spot the alliteration in my sentence!). Focus on including alliteration in not only the name of the tree, but when describing the car's collision with the tree.



For example: The flying Ford Anglia car crashed into the old, decrepit whomping willow, situated within the Hogwarts grounds .




I would like you to watch the first video, which can be accessed using this link, to recap our learning of the Anglo-Saxons. After this, have a go at the quiz and see how much you can remember about the almighty army!





Following on from our Euro designs in art last week, I would like you to design your own jersey and label it accordingly in French. This worksheet has all of the different items of clothing in French, so you will be able to label it correctly. Don't worry if you can't print the template, you can sketch your own template using this one as a guide. Get your creative heads on and enjoy, Class 4!

Wednesday 7th July 2021


Morning Class 4. We are halfway through the week, well done for all of your hard work so far this week. Here is today's home learning tasks.


Mini Maths





Today, we are going to focus on rounding different amounts of money. Let's look at an example together:

  • If we were tasked with rounding £3.65 to the nearest pound, on either side of our number line we would have £3.00 on the left, and £4.00 on the right.
  • Now, look at the tenths column I have highlighted in orange, £3.65, there is a 6 in the tenths column.


Remember the rule!

5 or above, we give it a shove, 4 or below, down it will go.


  • 6, would mean we round up to the nearest pound = £4.00.
  • So, £3.65 rounded to the nearest pound = £4.00


Varied Fluency






Here is today's English lesson Class 4. Today, I would like you to write your very own howler from Mrs Weasley to Ron, after he steals and flies the Ford Anglia car to Hogwarts. Here is my example, where I have focused on including exclamatory language, emotive language, whilst using a serious tone. 







Recently, we have been learning about sound-proofing and vibrations in science. I would like you to come up with your own sound-proofing design Class 4, that will eliminate or cancel out sound vibrations. Imagine we are on Dragon's Den, you need to think about the materials that would be the most appropriate, and effective for your design. Afterwards, there is an evaluation sheet where you will be able to self-evaluate your own design. Don't worry if you can't print these templates, you can copy them out on a blank sheet of paper. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, enjoy!

Thursday 8th July 2021


Salut from Mr Q

My Movie 2.MOV

Still image for this video

Mini Maths


Today, I would like you to have a go at solving this numbers round challenge, from Countdown. You are only allowed to use each number once, and you can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Have a go and let me know if you find a method that works!





Here is today's Maths tasks Class 4. As always, start with the varied fluency and then move onto the extensions. You don't have to complete all 3, have a go at completing as many of the extensions as you can.






Task 1: Character Profile.


For today's English lesson, I would like you to create a character profile for a new Hogwarts student, Harry meets on the Hogwarts Express train. Here is a list of points, you will need to consider:


  • What is their name?
  • What do they look like?
  • What are their hobbies/interests?
  • What subjects are they looking forward to?
  • What subjects are they not looking forward to?


Task 2: Mind map with advice for the new student.


He or she, is going into their first year of Hogwarts and they are feeling very nervous about starting a new school. What advice could Harry give them, to make them feel less anxious? I would like you to create a mind map, full of advice to help the new student settle in at Hogwarts.



I would like you all to practice your handwriting today, Class 4. Try and work on your cursive handwriting, connecting the letters neatly and ensuring it is legible. Here is a handwriting sheet, which you can either print, or use as a guide on your screen. 





Have a go at sketching the Hogwarts school crest, Class 4. Here is a tutorial you can follow along with.

Hogwarts Crest Drawing | How to draw Hogwarts Crest | Shamitha Nayak |

Learn how to draw 'The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' Crest in this video.Click this link to watch " DIY Hogwarts House Bookmarks " -https://you...

RE with Mrs C!

Happy Thursday Year 4 - I will miss seeing you today. (Cheered up by the fact that England won! wink)

For RE today I would like you to look at the BBC Bitesize website (Link below) and find out at least 10 things about Hinduism. Write things down and bring them to school next Thursday for me to read. smiley


Friday 9th July 2021


Morning Class 4, it's Friday! Well done for all the amazing work you have completed this week, I am very proud of you all! Here is today's home learning tasks.


Mini Maths: Countdown Puzzle

Can you reach 609? Have a go! (Remember, you can only use each number once). 





We are going to move onto adding different amounts of money today, Class 4. Let's look at number 1 together:


Q1: Example

  • To find the total amount of money, we are going to have to add up the different coins.
  • There is £2 and 35p on the left (which totals £2.35) and there is a £1 coin, 50p coin, 20p coin and a 5p coin on the right (which totals £1.75). 
  • To find the total amount of money, we have to add these two amounts together... £2.35 + £1.75 = £4.10
  • Answer = £4.10 (4 pounds and 10 pence).

Now, have a go at answering question 2 and the problem solving challenges below. There is also 2 extension worksheets, if you would like to challenge yourself. 



Today, I would like you to design your own Hogwarts house. Now, we have done something similar to this before. However, this time I want you to focus on adding some rhyme into your house's slogan. Here is my house, Quinnery, which you may recognise from last time. I have edited the slogan and focused on adding a rhyming couplet. You will also notice a cameo appearance from our very own Mrs Skelton in my house's description! Enjoy, Class 4.



Rhyming Couplet Examples (Click on each image, and it will zoom in!)



I would like you to choose 8 spellings from this worksheet, and see how many spellings you can get right. You might want to spend some time practising the spellings first. 



Can you use each spelling in a sentence, Class 4? Have a go!