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Isolation work

Please complete any work you haven't done already. There is also lots of work on previous pages to have a look at..... smiley

Mrs W x

If anyone hasn't got one ahead of tonight's match ...... Jonny, you might like this!

Watch this - what a match! Decide which goal is better, Alan Shearer or Gazza! Explain why......

Exclusive : England vs Scotland 2-0 Highlights Euro 96 HD

ّ#Euro96Euro 96 England vs EcosseWembley Stadium ( London )Attendees 76,864Date : 15 June 1996-----------------------------------------------Watch also :worl...

Look up these football terms and fill in the French translation

Top Trumps - make your own of your favourite players from Euro 2021!

Watch some past Euro highlights and tell me which is your favourite player and why......

What do you think of these......? Jonny, any thoughts?

Diego Maradona Goals That SHOCKED The World

Diego Maradona Goals

Euro reading comprehension - they tests get trickier, choose your level.

Pie chart revision

5 Easy Beginner Juggling/Freestyle Skills | Learn These Simple Football Freestyle Tricks

Enjoy learning these 5 Step Over Mastery Skills. Download the OneFootball app here: I have 5 easy freestyle skills that are p...

16 Jump Rope Tricks From Beginner to Advanced

If you're not keen on football, try these....

French conversation - fill in the speech bubbles. You can use extra phrases we have learned in class such as how old you are or where you live.

Tell me about your favourite food!

What is your favourite food? Write a piece of persuasive writing to explain to me why it is the best food in the world!

Here is an example of how you could begin...


I believe prawns are best and most delish food in the world. It doesn't matter how many times I would eat them during a week, I would never ever tire of the scrumptious fresh taste. The nutritious nature of this food means that not only is it a gastronomic delight, it also helps keep you healthy.

Time yourself doing the times table sheet then have a go at writing your own 'Wizard of Oz' newspaper report. look at the one about the ruby slippers and then think of another part of the story you could make a report about.

Remember to include who, what, where, why and when and also some quotations!

Then revise French pets!blush

Have a go at these maths puzzles

Have a think about all the different sports there are. Which one is your favourite and why. Write a paragraph to explain your choice.

Example piece....

Have a go at learning these Kung Fu moves that represent different punctuation marks. If you have someone to play with, try the game!

Make this fortune teller or simply revise the French days of the week. Have a go at writing each day and an activity that you do on that day, in French, next to it

Complete this worksheet using the internet for help with the names of each activity. You might remember some.....

Please have a go at a 13 x 13 grid today. Time yourself!

Crack the emoji code!

Multiplication and division crossword

Reading comprenesion

Have a go at these magic squares