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Week 4

Monday 25th January 2021


I have uploaded the next three chapters (chapters 5,6,7) of Mr Stink for you all to read independently at your own pace below. 


Good morning everyone. Mrs Clark has asked me to let you all know that she will be setting you some work soon using Charanga. You will be sent details about how to login on Charanga soon!





Keep practising your times tables on Numbots and Times Table Rockstars. 


Here is today's Maths activities where we are looking at adding fractions with the same denominator. Please watch this video first of all and then have a go at the varied fluency questions and extensions.



Adding Fractions Demonstration

Still image for this video

Task 1: Varied Fluency



I would like you to create a dream sequence involving Chloe. Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation and an example that I have made for you all. 


Make sure you use your inverted commas correctly at the beginning and end of the direct speech. Try and include as much sophisticated vocabulary and descriptive language as you. I can't wait to read your dream ideas!




Having already looked at Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, we are now going to learn more about volcanoes throughout the world. To start us all off, I would like you to do a little bit of research about what exactly a volcano is and create a fact file sheet about a volcano of your choice.


Here are the questions I would like you to answer on your fact file sheet. 


1. What is a volcano?

2. What causes a volcano to erupt?

3. What is an ash cloud?

4. What is a volcanic bomb?

5. What is a pyroclastic flow?


Here is one resource to get you started:



If you have any space left on your fact file sheet, draw a sketch of a volcano and have a go at labelling the different sections as this is what we are going to be looking at this week.

Fact File Template

Science - Types of teeth (25.01.21)

Hi Class 4, I hope that you are enjoying finding out about our digestive system. If you haven't finished your explanation text yet don't worry you can continue it over the next couple of weeks, but this week I want us to go back and look at the beginning of the digestive system in more detail. We are going to focus on teeth, looking at the different types of teeth we have and their functions. Before we begin, I'd like you to look in a mirror at your own teeth. Do they all look the same? Do you know what they are called and what they do?

I have included a link below for you to use this week to find out more about your teeth. Please work through the pages in this link to find out more. I have also included a link to the BBC bitesize page which has videos and more information about teeth for you to use .

Your Task:

To draw a diagram of your mouth including all of your teeth, draw your diagram like the ones on the website showing the upper and lower jaw and each tooth. I would like you to label the names of the teeth and write a short description about their function. Do you have any teeth missing? Do you have any adult teeth?

Have fun learning about your teeth class 4 and remember to send in your diagrams for me to see.

Mrs M smiley

Mr Stink Chapter 6

Tuesday 26th January 2021




Here is today's Maths activities class four. Please watch this video before completing the varied fluency questions and the extension worksheet.



Adding Improper Fractions

Still image for this video

Varied fluency

Extension Worksheet



We are going to focus on learning about pronouns the rest of this week. Please watch the videos below and match the nouns and pronouns to the correct category from the second video. 

Nouns and Pronouns Video: Starter Game

Still image for this video



There are three different classifications of volcanoes, these are: active, dormant or extinct. This means how active the volcano is, or has been in the past.


1. Active: An active volcano means there is regular activity. 

2. Dormant: A dormant volcano means there has been some recent activity, but the volcano is currently quiet. 

3. Extinct: An extinct volcano means it been so long since the last eruption, that it is highly unlikely to ever erupt again. 


I would like you to do some research and find out if there is any active, dormant or extinct volcanoes in the UK. After this, I would like you to research one volcano (choose from an active, dormant or extinct one) in Europe and create a mind map about that volcano. 


You could mention where the volcano is located (city, country, continent), when it last erupted, what date this happened and the impact the eruption had on the surrounding area.


Here is an example:

My example:

Mr Stink Chapter 7



PE with Mrs. C!

Happy Tuesday year 4! Here is your PE session for this week - remember you can repeat this as many times as you can. Stay safe, fit and healthy. yes smiley



Wednesday 27th January 2021




Happy Wednesday class four, here is today's activities for Maths. Please watch the demonstration video below for an explanation about subtracting fractions. 



Subtracting Fractions Demonstration

Still image for this video

Varied fluency



We are moving on today to focus on learning about personal pronouns and possessive pronouns. Please watch the videos below and then sort the different types of pronouns into the correct categories from the second video. You will notice that some pronouns are both personal and possessive. 

Personal and Possessive Pronouns - Matching Game

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Today we are going to learn about the different sections of a volcano

Labelling a Volcano Worksheet

Mr Stink Chapter 8

Thursday 28th January 2021




Please start with the varied fluency questions and then have a go at the extension worksheet. There is also a video below so watch it for a further explanation. 



How to subtract fractions correctly

Still image for this video

Varied fluency

Extension Worksheet



Today, you are going to look at the character 'Mrs Crumb' based on her appearance in the novel, the movie and the stage play. Watch this video before analysing how the character is portrayed in the different versions of the story.



Mrs Crumb onstage, in the novel and in the movie.



RE with Mrs. C!

Happy Thursday year 4! You will need a copy of 'Jesus' diary schedule' for your task today. Enjoy! yes



Friday 29th January 2021



Here is the final Maths lesson for this week class four. Please watch the demonstration video first before answering the questions below. 



Varied fluency



I would like you to imagine yourself waking up inside a.... volcano. "AGHHHHHH!" (sorry that's just Mr Quinn screaming for help, imagining himself inside a terrifying volcano!). 


What can you see? What can you hear? Try and reference all of the different senses to give the reader a clear insight of being inside a volcano. There is an example below so please watch the video to hear the start of my story.


In your piece of writing, I would like you to include the following key words:


  • magma chamber
  • ash cloud
  • lava
  • conduit
  • crater
  • main vent