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Hello Nursery Class and welcome to another week

of home learning fun!


How was your weekend? Did you have a lovely time celebrating Father's Day with your Dads? I wonder how many Dads have enjoyed watching football on the TV this weekend...wink


This week we are going to be finding out all about dragonflies! I wonder if you have seen any at home? When we had the paddling pool out in the garden, when the weather was really hot and sunny, we saw a few dragonflies as they usually like to hover around water! Lets see what other interesting facts we can find out about dragonflies this week! 


Check out the menu of activities below, remember that you don't have to complete them all, choose the ones that interest you the most, or the ones that you have the resources at home to complete them and most importantly of all, have fun! smiley


I hope you have a great week and I will be checking in with your grown ups to find out how you're getting on at home!


Love from

Mrs Lisle 



Home Learning Activities Menu Week Beginning 22/06/20


Minibeast sorting 

Cut out the pictures of the minibeasts and sort them

into 2 groups those that have legs and those that do not


Minibeast colour by Number

Watch a video about Dragonflies 

Tell a grown up some of the facts you have learnt

Make your own Dragonfly

Could be painted, drawn or a 3D model using

different materials


Minibeast Pencil Control Activity

Using a pencil or pen follow the path that the dragonfly makes!


Fine Motor control activity

Cut out the Dragonfly pictures and

order them by size


 Number Sequence Photo Puzzle

Cut along the lines and stick the parts of the photo

onto the corresponding number to complete the picture 

of a dragonfly.


Science Experiment

Make a balancing dragonfly, 

using paperclips


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Dragonfly Craft Ideas

Hello Nursery children and families!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and have been able to get out and about! It looks as if the weather might not be so good this week, with lots of rain coming, so I will think of lots of activities for you to do inside the house this week!  It was so lovely to talk with some parents and children last week on the telephone, finding out what you have been doing at home. I will be ringing more of you this week, as I have an extra special task for you to do for me, so don't worry if you haven't heard from me yet I will be calling you! wink


So, this week will be the last week of our home learning activities finding out about minibeasts! I do hope that you have enjoyed the activities - do you have a favourite so far? Can you think of any minibeasts that we have not looked at yet?  Check out the menu of activities below and choose the tasks you want to do this week. You could send me some pictures of the things you have been doing and even a video telling me what you have found out about different minibeasts or which one is your favourite!


Take care and as always have lots of fun!


Love from

Mrs Lisle smiley


Home Learning Activities Menu Week Beginning 29/06/20

Find out all about Spiders -

Watch the powerpoint and video clips

Complete the Life Cycle of a Spider - 

Cut out the pictures and stick them

in the right order or draw your own pictures!

Make a Spider Craft -

Look at the ideas below and choose one!

Science Experiment

Find out why a spider does not

stick to its own web!

How many legs does a Spider have?

Complete the sheet finding different ways

of making the number 8!

Recite the Incy Wincy Spider Rhymes

Can you make pictures/puppets and props to retell

the rhyme?

Listen to a Story -

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Fine Motor Control

Follow the patterns that the worms make.

Longer or Shorter?

Can you make some worms using play dough -

long and short ones? Cut out the worms

and order them by size.

Learn the Worm Song


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