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Class 5

Budding musicians

Mrs Clark is teaching us how to play the ukulele in our Music lessons on Wednesdays. We have already learnt how to play the chord c7!

Greek vases

In our History lessons, we have been investigating all things Ancient Greek.  This includes looking at Greek pottery.  Today we learnt how to draw a simple vase and painted them in the style of a Greek vase.

Forces in action!

Class 5 made their own parachutes and tested to see whether they had chosen the best material and design.  

Olympic sports practice - can you find out the french word for this sport?

Olympic sports scavenger hunt (in French)

Making Greek vases

We learnt how to make a simple "pinch pot" and made some miniature Greek vases!

Next step - painting

Trojan horse

We have been learning about the Trojan War and found a simple way of drawing a Trojan horse.  What do you think?
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