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Our new adventure story! Follow the pictures and have fun! We will be doing the same at school.......

Today's powerpoint

Write some thought bubbles to describe what the lady might be thinking.

Choose a famous castle and research interesting facts about it. Create a fact file that you can use to help you to make a brochure/leaflet to advertise the castle to potential visitors.

Today's Maths starter

The next part of our story....

 Your task today is to make a Top Trump card for a troll. What categories could you have and what rating would they get? Be ready to share on the next Zoom!

What is a Coat of Arms

Imagine you live in the castle - design your own family coat of arms
What is a Coat of Arms For more information about Coats of Arms go to The custom of using a family coat of arms, or family crest...

The next part of the story

Write your own proclamation searching for a Troll Hunter!

The story continues.......

 Imagine you are a troll hunter and you have been hired by the queen - what equipment would you need? Draw pictures and write a description of each item and why they would be useful.

Today's maths slide