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Year 5! What a strange time it is for everyone! We've worked so hard so far this year but school is going to look a little different for the next wee while!  As a result, I will be posting different activities every couple of days during this time....hopefully it will keep you busy!

Miss Orr smiley


Active and Passive voice

How to Draw a Great White Shark Step by Step

Here is a quick and easy way to draw a great white shark with just a sheet of white paper and a black marker. All steps are clearly explained. This drawing l...

You know how much I love sharks so why don't you have a go at following the step by step guide for drawing a shark and send your pictures in so we can see them!

Miss Orr's Great White Shark

Problem of the day

Long Division Reminder

Still image for this video

Another couple of problems for the day!

Why We Send Animals to Space

What happens when you send a duck, a rooster and a sheep with monkeys and dogs into space? Scientists had to find out -- and for decades, they've been studyi...

Watch this clip about why they send animals into space.  Should animals be sent into space? Write a balanced argument giving reasons why they should and why they shouldn't be sent into space.  Remember to include an introduction, both sides of the argument; paragraphs and modal verbs. Take a photo of your piece and send it in!!


We didn't get to finish reading "Cosmic" in class so I will be posting some audio recordings of the rest of the book in parts! Here's the first part!

"TheMoonyouidiot" Part 1

"TheMoonyouidiot" part 2

"An unscheduled diversion" part 1

"An unscheduled diversion" part 2

"An unscheduled diversion" part 3

"An unscheduled diversion" part 4

"An unscheduled diversion" part 5

So exciting to see some of the things you're doing at home! I love this picture of a Great White Shark from Daniel! Keep them coming!!

Great White shark by Daniel

Hi Class 5, Happy Monday!

I thought that you might miss our Science on Wednesday so I have attached some fun Science activities for you to do at home with your family. Remember to stay safe when carrying out any practical Science and make sure that you have an adult to help you.  I'd love to know what you think about these activities so why not send in pictures or any comments you might have.  Have fun!

Mrs Marshall


A Hint for you:  The Lava Lamp can be made using sultanas or raisins instead of peanuts, these work just as well!

Garden Scavenger Hunt

Miss Orr's Garden Scavenger Hunt results

Sophia's scavenger results!

Daniel's scavenger results!

In Cosmic, Samson Two doesn't believe people actually went to the Moon.  There are many myths that people have believed about Space and Space travel! Your task is to do some research and find your top 10 myths about Space and Space travel that people have believed over the years!! You can send your list to

Happy Thursday Year 5! Mrs Cook here, just a reminder that this Sunday is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week.

As we think about what happened that very first Easter, I thought it would be really lovely to share some ideas.

Thinking especially about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, create scenes from these events. You could draw, paint, build Lego, craft, sculpt or any other creative way you can think of.

I would love to see your creations too!

Stay Safe. I miss you all.

Lockdown baking!

I've been making banana bread! Why don't you try some baking and send me your pictures and we can share our baking stories together!

Long Multiplication

Still image for this video
Here's a reminder about how to do long multiplication! Have a go at creating your own 2 digit x 2 digit calculations!

Cosmic: "Dark side of the moon"

Cosmic: "Doing the dadly thing"

Have a look at the website above - there are some great Maths resources on decimals to work through! 

Getting Too Close to a Wild Tiger | Deadly 60 | Earth Unplugged

After driving too close to a tiger, Steve Backshall and the Deadly 60 crew rare charged by one of the deadliest predators in the world. Subscribe: http://bit...

I'm a big fan of "Deadly 60" and I love learning about wild life! Watch this clip of Steve and the crew getting a bit too close to a tiger!

Joan Miro. Brief biography and paintings. great for kids and esl.

Vídeo sobre: Joan Miro Redwood Trail de Audionautix está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution (

Joan Miro painting

I think this painting is really interesting.  Can you try and create something similar? Let me see them!!

Miss Orr's Miro style doodle

This is my first attempt!  I don't have any colours at home so I have just done a line drawing!
I hope you've all found the daily lesson resources on BBC bitesize! They're great! Today's English is expanded noun phrases which we know all about! In Maths, it's all about multiples and factors.  A great chance to practise our times tables!

Our History topic in the Summer Term is the Victorians.  Here's a short clip to watch about the 'ultimate' Victorian!

Can you create a fact file all about Queen Victoria? Do some more research about her! I would love to see what you find out!

The ultimate Victorian, Queen Victoria | History | BBC Teach

Queen Victoria was the monarch who gave her name to an era of discovery, invention and change in Britain. In this short film, we learn a little about her per...

Check out this website - it's got some great Maths lessons on decimals!

Cosmic "Logic says..."

Check this website out - here's the link to a reading lesson you can work through!
In Cosmic, the children tell Liam they would quite like to stay in Space.  Liam reminds them about all the good things about the Earth and why they should go back!  Can you write me a letter telling me about all the things you're looking forward to doing after lockdown is lifted! 

Cosmic: "This is not a simulation"

Emily V has been baking!!

Cosmic: "We got a bit lost"

Our next topic in Science is all about life cycles.  There are some great resources on BBC Bitesize.  Have a look at this webpage, there are short clips and some interactive activities to have a go at!

Cosmic: "Special Gravity" The Last Chapter!

Victoria Tunnel

Year 5 usually visit the Ouseburn area of Newcastle as part of their study of the Victorians.  Did you know that there is a tunnel that runs underneath the city? It's called the Victoria tunnel and was used to transport coal from Spital tongue down to the river!  During the second world war, it was used as an air raid shelter to protect thousands of Newcastle citizens!

Have a look at the short video clip where you can see inside it!

Newcastle's Victoria Tunnel

The Victoria Tunnel was built as a subterranean wagonway to take coal from the former site of the Spital Tongues Colliery to Newcastle Quay (near the Glassho...

Miro drawing by Emily V

More Fun Home Science Activities

Hi Class 5, It's been a while since I gave you any fun Science to try at home so I thought you might like to give these light activities a go. Ask an adult to help you and remember to always work safely. Maybe you could let me know how you get on and what you think of the activities on your class blog. 

Have fun!

Mrs Marshall. smiley