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A New Project 


Hello boys and girls,


I hope everyone is ok and have been enjoying the Home Learning challenges I have been setting each week. I am still checking emails and messages on our class blog, so if you have any problems with any activities or would like any more help then feel free to send me a message smiley Some of you have sent lovely messages to me through the shared folders and via email. Thank you so much and keep up the good work everyone! 


This week we begin an exciting new challenge which is going to be completed by all of the boys and girls at St Barts-both at home and in different bubbles at school. It begins with a story........You will need to ask your grown ups to read the story on the photograph slide show below.....If the slides move too quickly it can be paused at any point. 

I wonder who this lady could be? 


Your first challenge is to draw a picture of the castle that she lives in. Ask your grown up to read the instructions on the next slide show...... 

Can you complete the first challenge and send a photograph of your Castle picture to me? I would love to put them on the class page. I will share the castle pictures that the children have made at school with you, so you can see what your friends have been doing. smiley The next part of the story will be added to the class page on Wednesday. 


Here are some more fun activities that you may like to try at home this week-they have a castle theme! In maths this week I would like you to use 'counting on' to find a total. I have shared a youtube video on how to do this so your grown ups can help you.


Have fun everyone, I hope you enjoy our new story and I can't wait to see your work! x 


Phonics-Please continue to recap red words and phase 3 sounds on a daily basis, for 5/10 mins as well as reading regularly where possible. 

Maths-you will need 2 dice labelled 1-3 and cubes

take turns to roll the dice and add the right amount of

cubes to build a tower. Count on as you add each time. 

How high do the towers get before they fall? 

Watch Hey Duggee-Series 1:17

Can you get your castle badge? 

Make a castle out of recycled materials

that you have at home. Send in a photograph

on our class blog!

Make Elsa's Ice Castle using a few plastic toys,

water and a sand bucket-can you rescue the toys  by melting the ice? What happens when you add salt? 

There were 4 flags at the top of a castle. If 4 more were added, how many would there be altogether?

Count on to find the answer and

draw a picture to show your working out.

Watch Numberblocks castle-series 2 on cbeebies Share your favourite princess/knight story with your grown up at bedtime. Make a castle with your favourite building toy-eg duplo, lego or mega blocks.  Make a shape castle picture using rectangles, squares, triangles and circles.  Dress up and act out your favourite Disney princess story. You could even send in a video of your show! 


Addition by Counting On

The Rainbow Circle Bubble have drawn their castle pictures

Here is the next part of our story....

We have been making models of the queen in her tower in school-perhaps you could try to make one at home?

A new week 


Hi everyone! 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Have you been enjoying our story so far? I hope you enjoyed the castle activities I set last week smiley In the next part of the story you will find out who has been upsetting the queen. I wonder if you have been able to guess! Are you ready.....ask your grown up to read the next slides to you....



Did anyone guess correctly? Our next challenge is to follow the activity to find out more about Trolls from traditional stories.....

Here are some activities that you may like to try at home-they have a troll theme! 

In maths we will be learning about length-you may need some building blocks to help you. If you would like to have a go at measuring with a ruler or tape measure, please look at centimetres. 


Please continue to practise phase 3 sounds and red words. You may like to use the games on phonics play to support this. 


collect 5 sticks from your garden

can you place them in order, from the

shortest to the longest? 


Share the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff 

link below. Can you tell your grown up what 

happened in the story? What was your favourite 


Can you make a bridge to

help the Billy Goats cross the

river? You can use building blocks, 

junk from your recycling box or

you may like to make one with furniture

with help. 

Make a troll face from playdough,

googly eyes and items from

your craft box

Make a troll mask from a paper plate and card/paint/felt tip


Draw a river, bridge and grass on your garden

path with chalk. Can you act out the story of The Three

Billy Goats Gruff? 

Using paint, make a footprint

on paper. Can you find objects in your house that are longer/shorter than your foot?

You may like to measure the length of your living room with your foot! 

Draw a picture of a troll. Can you describe it in sentences-The troll is.....

Using playdough, can you make 5 snakes. Which is the longest/shortest? 

Can you measure them with lego? 

What will the troll do after falling into the river? Draw a picture or write your ideas down! 


The Three Billy Goats Gruff | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

The Disney Bubble have been having lots of fun!

The Rainbow Circle Bubble have enjoyed our Troll activities this week

Wilf has written the lyrics to his favourite song :-)

The Disney Bubble enjoyed painting trolls, making bridges and acting out the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff!

Reception Explorers!


Hello to you all! I hope you have had a lovely week and have enjoyed the sunshine! 

I hope you are enjoying the activities linked to our story. Please don't forget to send me photographs of anything you have enjoyed doing. I really love seeing what you're getting up to at home! 

As we begin a new week, our activities will have an explorer theme. I will upload the next part of the story for you on Wednesday, but in the time being, here are some challenges for you to do! 


Please continue to practise reading red words and tricky sounds, using phonics play. 

In maths this week we will be comparing the weight of different objects. 


Can you find 3 things that are heavier and 3 

that are lighter than an apple? 

Draw a picture of what you have found! 

Can you write about somewhere 

you have enjoyed visiting with your

family? I would love to hear about 

any day trips you have had!  

Can you draw me a map of 

where you live? Don't forget to

include your house, your

street and any important 

buildings/objects that you might


Using a coat hanger, two paper

cups and string,

can you make your own balance scales? 

Choose two toys and see

which is the heaviest. 


Share the story Whatever Next-link below

Baby bear goes on an adventure to the moon

in a cardboard box! Where would you go? 

Draw a picture and write about your adventure! 

Use the internet to find out about 

a famous explorer! You may even like to

find out about astronauts who have 

travelled into space! 

Make a pair of binoculars to use

on a troll hunting expedition! 

You could use two kitchen roll tubes

or you may have your own ideas! 

Watch The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson

on Cbeebies. Can you draw a

picture of your favourite 

part of the story? 


Take care everyone and I will update the class page again on Wednesday x 



Wilf has enjoyed completing the castle and measuring activities. Fantastic work and thanks so much for your photos!

Whatever Next! Stories read aloud

Please go onto page 6 for the next part of our story!