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Week 5 1.2.21


Monday 1st February 


Hello everyone! Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who joined in with our Friday Zoom session. It was lovely to see so many boys and girls. Apologies to those of you who weren't able to access the Zoom. Hopefully, we wont have any technical problems and you will be able to join in on Friday.


This week, we are going to learn about how animals and people keep warm in really cold temperatures.


Remember our polar bear blubber experiment? I would like you to watch the video below to find out how other Arctic animals keep warm. Perhaps you could try to re-create an Emperor Penguin huddle with members of your family! 

How do Whales, Penguins, and Polar Bears Keep Warm?




Tricky word flash cards- I the to no go into of my   our new tricky word is you

Please can you recap all of the previously learnt sounds. Today we will be recapping ch/sh/th


Sweetie shop game


Today, you will need 3 teddies and words written on card (you may like to draw a sweet shape and cut the card out like the photo below). 

Words to read- chip/ship/bath/fish/wish/this/that/shop/chin/chop/path/shed    

Choose a sweetie word. Once you have read it, can you give it to a teddy? Can you make sure they have the same amount of sweetie words to make it fair? 




Sweetie Word Game (Phonics Family)




This week, we will be learning number bonds (or pairs of numbers) to make 10. 

Today, I would like you to join in with the songs listed below. Please continue to watch the Number Pairs song, every day this week, to help you to remember the number bonds. As an extra challenge, perhaps you could show me how you can write 2 number bonds as number sentences? 


Have a lovely day! 

Number Pairs Song

Number bonds 10-challenge video, looking at number sentences


Tuesday 2nd February


Good morning, boys and girls! I hope you are all ok on this wet Tuesday morning. Did you enjoy finding out about how animals keep warm yesterday? Today, we are going to talk about how we keep warm when the weather is cold. 


For your first activity today, I would like you to have a look around your house for any items of winter clothing. Please take a photo of the items you find, or record a video. If you have access to a printer, you can also complete the 'Design your own winter clothes' sheet below. 

As an extra challenge, you may like to complete the 'Winter Clothes Labelling' activity below (choose one sheet). It is up to you which sheet you choose to complete. You can write the words on the picture, using the word bank to help you. Or you could cut out and stick the words on, with help to read the words.


Design your own winter clothes activity

Winter Clothes Labelling


Maths Mastery 


In maths today, we are continuing to learn our number bonds to 10. Please recap the number bonds song, shared on the class page yesterday. Then, complete the 'Making 10' activity below. As an extra challenge, record the pairs of numbers to make 10 as a number sentence. Can you find any reversals? e.g. 7+3  and 3+7? 

Maths Mastery Activity




Please can you visit the Phonics Play website and access the Dragon's Den game. Select ch/sh/th phase 3 words, to recap previously learnt sounds. 


Wednesday 3rd February 


Good Morning! Here are the activities for today... 




Today, we are going to find out about people who live in very, very cold places. They need to keep warm in very cold temperatures. Please can you follow the Powerpoint about Inuit people and then tell me a fact that you can remember? You may like to write down your fact as a sentence, or draw me a picture to show what you can remember. I have also uploaded a cut and stick activity, that you may like to complete. 







Inuit Cut and Stick Activity



Today, we will be re-capping the number bonds to 10. Yet again, begin with the Pairs to 10 song, shared on Monday. Then, using the Powerpoint below, can you find the number pairs in the winter pictures? 

Number Bonds to 10 Activity-can you talk about each picture and find the pairs of numbers to make 10?



Please can you read all red words learnt so far. 

I would like you to review sh/ch/th for a final time, as I know some of you have found these sounds tricky. 

Using the pictures below, please can you write words to match the pictures? 

As a challenge, please can you think of your own sentence, or sentences, including some of these words. You may like to include some of our tricky words in your writing. Ensure that your work is written on a neat line and then go through this check list-


* Do you have a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence? 

*Are your letters written the right way round? 

*Do you have finger spaces between your words? 

*Do you have a full stop at the end of your sentence? 

*Does your sentence make sense? 


Have a lovely day!

Ch, Sh, Th Pictures

St Bart's Wellerman Family Project 

Hopefully, you should have received an email from school regarding our new Wellerman Project. You can listen to the song on the Youtube link below. We hope this will be a huge success and would love to see as many families taking part as possible! For those of you who would like to join in, you can send your contribution to the class email account or via Tapestry. We can't wait to see your videos!  



Thursday 4th February 


Good Morning, boys and girls! Here are your activities for today..... 



I hope you enjoyed learning about Inuit Communities, yesterday. Today, we are going to learn about how Inuit people build Igloos as shelters. Firstly, I would like you to watch the Igloo Youtube video, to find out some interesting facts about them. You may want to pause the video in parts, as the facts are very fast! 


Igloo Facts


Igloo Den Building

For the second part of your challenge, I would like you to create your own Igloo den! You can use whatever you have available to make it. You may like to decorate it with wintery snowflakes and cold colours. Here are photographs to give you some ideas...


Igloo Den Building


Maths Mastery 


Today will be our final lesson on Number Bonds to 10. Please watch the Numberblocks 'Blast Off' episode to begin with. I have uploaded the link below.... 


After you have watched the episode, please can you make your own Number Bonds to 10 rainbow? I have shared a worksheet, which you can print out and colour in, if you have access to a printer. Alternatively, you may like to make your own rainbow picture, using craft resources that you have available at home. 

Rainbow Number Bonds Worksheet





Tomorrow is our Reception Class Zoom session, @ 2:30 pm. Please login, using the updated details sent out last week, to access the Zoom meeting. Remember to change the screen name, to your child's name, so that I know who is joining the meeting! 


This week, we will be taking part in the Cat Party 'Wake Up Shake Up', as it is one of our favourites! I have uploaded a clip of this below. You may like to remind yourselves of the routine before tomorrow. 


Can't wait to see you all! 

'Wake Up, Shake Up' Cat Party Routine


Friday 5th February 


Happy Friday, Everyone! Did you know that it is 'Children's Mental Health Week'? In a break from our usual routine, I thought it would be nice to focus today on our feelings. Some of our activities today will help us to feel calm.    


Firstly, I would like you to remind yourself of the story The Colour Monster, by Anna Llenas. In the Autumn term, we really enjoyed sharing this book together. Can you remember all of The Colour Monster's feelings? Can you remember the different colours, linked to each feeling?

Now, talk to your grown up about a time when you have felt happy, angry, sad and calm. You may like to complete the Colour Monster Activity sheet, if you have access to a printer.   




The Colour Monster Story

As a Challenge, can you write about how each monster is feeling?

Glitter Jar craft 

You will need: A jar or plastic bottle with a lid, glue, glitter, food colouring, (or paint) 


Decorate your bottle or jar, however you would like.  

Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with warm water. Next, add glue, food colouring and glitter (Alternatively, you could use watered-down paint instead of food colouring). 

Seal the lid and you are ready to go! 


Glitter Jars




For our Yoga activity this week, I would like you to look at the Zen Den Mindfulness activity, Thought Bubbles. Watch the Youtube link below.  

'Thought Bubble' Mindfulness Activity