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Week 3

Monday 18th January 2021

Happy Monday class 4. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is a quick interactive game of beat the teacher to start us all off for this week. Game on!

Morning Starter: Beat the Teacher

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Here is today's Maths activities. Please watch the video below before completing the questions. Start off with the varied fluency questions and then move onto the worksheet as an extension task.


Equivalent Fractions

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Varied fluency - Task 1



Today's focus: Empathising with a character.


I would like you to watch this short video about a young boy. What is the issue being addressed in the clip? Why do you think I have chosen this clip when we are reading Mr Stink? Does it remind you of anyone? Write a response to this clip about what you think is the message behind the video. 



Here is chapter 5 of Mr Stink for you all to read independently. 



On Friday we looked at Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I would like you to watch this video and draw a sketch of a volcano. Take your time and pause the video as much as you need to. 

Tuesday 19th January 2021



Here is today's Maths activities. We are still looking at equivalent fractions, just at a different level and with more variations of the fractions. Start with the varied fluency questions and have a go at the extension after this. 

Varied fluency



Today I would like you to design your own homeless shelter poster. Imagine in the story Mr Stink finds one of the flyers on the ground advertising the nearest homeless shelter. What sort of information would it include? Watch the video below before starting the task. 

Science - The Journey of our Food!


The Digestive System Task Y4.mp4

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Here is some information and links to videos to help with your Explanation Text:

Test your Knowledge - Play Digestive System 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?'

PE with Mrs. C!

Happy Tuesday year 4! I know you don't usually do PE with me on a Tuesday but I thought I would put your session on, then you can repeat it as many times as you want/can throughout the week.yessmiley



Wednesday 20th January 2021



Here is Wednesday's Maths activities class 4 where we are moving onto more complex equivalent fractions. Please take your time with these questions and double check your answers.



Varied fluency



Today's focus in English is looking at specific phrases used by David Walliams in Mr Stink. There are three different choices to choose from: red, orange and green. Start with the red phrases and then challenge yourself by having a look at the orange and green phrases. Watch the videos below where I will talk through some of the phrases and give you more of an explanation. 



Snappy dresser

Took up residence






Unimaginable kindness





Dispatched himself



In chapter 5 of Mr Stink, one of the locations is a Starbucks. I would like you to design your own hot drinks to add to the menu at Starbucks. Here is a few examples of some of the hot drinks you can get already:



Your hot drink can be a coffee, a tea, a hot chocolate or even a mix of all three! Draw out your hot drink first of all and label the difference components, such as the hot milk, cream, toppings and sauce. After this, break down the recipe into different stages. Make it as clear as possible for someone else to understand. Be creative and have fun designing your drink!


Here is my example where I have explained the first two stages when making my hot drink:


Mr Q's Belgian Chocolate Delight

1. Grab a freshly washed latte glass from the shelf. Heat up the milk to 100 degrees ensuring you wear protective gloves and an apron in case there are any spillages.

2. Add four pumps of hot chocolate syrup to the glass, swishing it from left-to-right. This will ensure that the entire glass has an even amount of syrup. 


Thursday 21st January 2021



We are now going to move onto looking at fractions that are greater than one. 

Fractions greater than one

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Today's focus: Comparing contrasting characters.


We are going to compare the characters Raj and Chloe's mother. So far in the story we have seen a sharp contrast in the way that Chloe is treated by Raj and then by her mother. I would like you to write as many adjectives to describe how both characters are presented in terms of how they look. After this, I would then like you to write adjectives to describe what kind of a person each character is. 



Are the two characters similar in any way? Or, are the characters completely different? Write a short response to how similar/different Raj and Chloe's mother are.



RE with Mrs. C!

Happy Thursday year 4! Hope you are having a good week. I'm missing you all!

You will need to print the sheet below to complete your task today.

Friday 22nd January 2021



Here is the last set of Maths activities for this week class 4. These activities will involve you having to count in fractions, as opposed to counting in whole numbers like we do normally. Well done on all of your hard work this week! 

Fractions on a number line

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Varied fluency



Today's focus: Editing and improving.


Being able to edit and improve your writing is really important class 4. It is so easy to make a mistake such as a spelling mistake or a punctuation error. For today, I would like you to write out a paragraph or two from the book from any chapter we have read so far. After this, I would like you to highlight (or circle) any words that you think can be swapped for a better choice of vocabulary. Here is an example in the video below, watch this before having a go yourself. 

Editing and Improving Demonstration Part 2

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