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Homework 21.9.23

Please also do some Lexia at home. Aim for 3 x a week!

Homework 28.9.23


Please do some lexia at home! Little and often works best.......


Please log on to Lexia at home. Little and often is best.

Here are the Math's homework sheets.


This week please log in to and complete the test 2014 levels 3-5. Try your best and remember that we haven't covered all the areas yet.

Also, please make sure you have done some Lexia.


Please do Lexia this week too!

Homework 30.11.23

11.1.24 Here is this week's homework. Please do Spelling Shed and Lexia too!

Please do Lexi 3 x a week and try spelling shed.

Here is a copy of the spellings you should be able to spell.....

Homework. 1.2.24

Please do Lexia at least three times this week.


Easter homework has been sent home as a pack for every child. Remember you also have and Lexia to do!

SPaG revision