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Writing and mark making in play

In our 'All about Me' topic, we explored how to make our own self portraits in lots of different ways.

We read the story 'Simon's Sock' by Sue Hendra and sorted Mrs Varty's socks into pairs. Some of us had a go at counting in 2's along the washing line!

We shared the story 'Mix it Up' by Henre Tullet and talked about how we can mix colours together.

Mix It Up, book written and illustrated by Henre Tullet, read by Mrs. F.What happens when you mix colors? This is a fun, interactive book about color mixing.

We have been mixing colours, on a small and large scale! We have been able to use paint dispensers ourselves.

We have transformed our writing area into The Message Centre! We have really enjoyed writing special notes for our friends and teachers.

We have used The Colour Monster story to talk about our feelings. Please can you listen to the story over the weekend. Can you complete the quiz at the end of this clip?