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Welcome to Reception! 


Writing and mark making in play

In our 'All about Me' topic, we explored how to make our own self portraits in lots of different ways.

We read the story 'Simon's Sock' by Sue Hendra and sorted Mrs Varty's socks into pairs. Some of us had a go at counting in 2's along the washing line!

We shared the story 'Mix it Up' by Henre Tullet and talked about how we can mix colours together.

Mix It Up, book written and illustrated by Henre Tullet, read by Mrs. F.What happens when you mix colors? This is a fun, interactive book about color mixing.

We have been mixing colours, on a small and large scale! We have been able to use paint dispensers ourselves.

We have transformed our writing area into The Message Centre! We have really enjoyed writing special notes for our friends and teachers.

We have used The Colour Monster story to talk about our feelings. Please can you listen to the story over the weekend. Can you complete the quiz at the end of this clip?

Friday 5th November 


Welcome back! Thanks to everyone who have returned their 'Autumn Treasures' bags to school. We hope you had a lovely time completing the homework smiley We have really enjoyed talking to the children about their treasures and their experiences. We are creating an Autumnal display in our classroom, which we will share with you soon! 

This week, we have been learning about Diwali. We looked carefully at objects linked to the Festival of Light.

We created our own Rangoli patterns, using lots of different resources.

Friday 12th November 


In maths this week, we have been making patterns in lots of different ways! We have made 


*Sound patterns 

*rhythm patterns 

* 2 and 3 colour repeating patterns 



Can you make your own pattern at home? You could use coloured pens and paper, paint, objects, sweeties, toys. It is up to you! I would love to see photographs of your patterns on Tapestry. 

Our favourite 'pattern' Wake-up, Shake-up song.

January 2022


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. 

This week, the children started our new topic Where the Wild Things Are. We talked about what the word 'wild' meant and shared ideas.


The children decided that they wanted to learn about wild animals. Next week, we will be learning about Crocodiles! Please feel free to bring in any books, pictures, paintings, drawings or writing that you would like to share, about them. 

ALAN'S BIG, SCARY TEETH read by Jarvis

We shared Alan's Big Scary Teeth by Jarvis. Here is an online version, told by the author himself!

Exploring crocodile habitats in small world play

We loved playing the crocodile game!

We made our own crocodile stick puppets to act out the story Alan's Big Scary Teeth


Sloths were a popular choice in our class vote! We discovered that they use their claws to climb and protect themselves and that they have bugs living in their fur! 


We read the story Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We talked about the illustrations and how Hannah and the Father felt. We thought about where the gorilla might take us on an adventure! 

Gorilla by Anthony Browne

We made our own gorilla fact books in our writing area

We used wax relief to create our own gorilla paintings