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Welcome to the Reception Class page! 


In Reception, we.....

*Play and explore indoors and outdoors. 

*Develop our skills in Phonics and Maths. 

*Develop our physical skills in PE and outdoors.

*Develop good relationships-help each other, work as a team and care about one another. 

*Develop our resilience and independence in our learning. 

*Have lots of fun! 


We performed the dress rehearsal of our dance, 'What the Ladybird Heard' to our friends in Year One and Year Two.

We were thrilled to find a ladybird in our garden!

In maths, we have been exploring doubles by counting spots on a ladybird.

The children set their own challenge-to measure the length of the Reception carpet!

In maths, we have been exploring length and measurement. Inspired by our garden worms, we made our own worms from playdough and measured them with cubes and rulers. We used words such as 'Longer', 'shorter', 'shortest', 'longest' to compare their length. 

We have been finding lots of worms in our garden!

Getting to know our new school pets, Miggy and Bruno.

Draw a Ladybird with Lydia Monks

A super recommendation, shared on Tapestry by some of our Reception friends.

Our new topic is 


All Creatures, Great and Small 

Our new dance project is based on one of our favourite books 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. We will reflect on our prior knowledge of farms in our harvest topic and will explore which animals live on the farm in the story. We will develop our understanding of the book and will focus on story structure and characters through our dance. 

What the Ladybird Heard - Story Read Aloud

We have been developing our skills to write independently. We love our new 'Free Writing' books!

In maths, we have been learning number bonds to 10. We have played lots of games to support our understanding, such as 'target practice' with bean bags, making '10 towers' with Numicon and playing 'First to 10' on a 10 frame. 

Reception have really enjoyed learning 'The Friends of 10' song

We have been growing plants in our garden. We have been watering our seeds and bulbs very carefully!

The Life Cycle of a Hen

We have been looking at Non Fiction books to explore which animals lay eggs.

Combining Two Groups with the Part Part Whole model .

Our new topic is 


Let it Grow

We have been so interested in finding out about Arctic and Antarctic animals. The children have decided that they would like to find out more about animals that lay eggs! In this topic, we will explore which animals lay eggs, compare similarities and differences and will talk about how animals grow when we learn about the life cycle of a hen. 

Valentine's Day 

Valentine's Printing pictures

We designed and made beautiful cards for our loved ones. We took care in selecting our own materials to use. 

Arctic Art 

We have been exploring texture, mixed media and colour. We have enjoyed developing lots of new skills!   

Polar Animals

This term, we have found out about Polar Bears, Orca Whales and Penguins. We have been able to recall lots of information and have learnt lots of new vocabulary, such as- 









Exploring in the Snow! 

We have been using a globe to find the Arctic

Making Arctic Habitats with loose parts

Ordering Numbers 


We have been developing our mastery skills in Maths. We have ordered numbers 1-10 with lots of different resources. 

Our first Gymnastics session! We had lots of fun and developed our co-ordination and balancing skills. 

Our new topic is 


Where the Wild things Are

We were very interested to learn about Reindeers before Christmas. As a result, the children asked to learn about other animals that live in cold places. We will be focusing on Arctic and Antarctic animals and will become Polar explorers! We will be learning about some of the features of our favourite animals, as well as their habitats and what they like to eat. 




We discovered a letter in our garden. Santa's helper then came to visit and brought us a special present. 


Reception have had so much fun, learning about Birthdays! We talked about how old we are, the date of our birthday and what we like to do to celebrate. 


Pedro, our class toy had his 5th birthday in Reception. We decided that he should have a special party to celebrate! 


*We made him lots of lovely cards. 

*We wrote invitations and shopping lists for his birthday party. 

*We made playdough cakes and counted candles. 

*We found pairs of numbers to make 5. 

*We played party games, practising our turn-taking and sharing skills. 



We enjoyed sharing 'Cake' by Sue Hendra

Children In Need


We had a fantastic day and raised lots of money for Children in Need. We had our faces painted with spots and decorated biscuits with spotty treats! 

In Reception this week, we have talked about being brave. 


We talked about how soldiers can receive medals for being brave.

Theo's daddy let us see his military medals. Theo was thrilled to show them to his friends. 

We decorated our own 'brave' medals.

We talked about our own achievements from outside of school. Some of us brought in our own medals and trophies to share with the class. 


Remembrance Day 


We Learnt the poem 'Poppy, Poppy'

CBeebies | Poppies animation

'We watched 'Poppies' and observed the silence to remember the soldiers who have fought in battle.

Reception made clay poppies. We hope to make our own Remembrance Garden in our outdoor area.

Bonfire Night 


We used different techniques to make firework pictures.

We made our own Sparklers!

In Reception this week, we have shared our own experiences of Bonfire Night and of fireworks. 


We talked about Firework safety. 

We made lots of lovely firework pictures, using a range of resources. 

We wrote sentences to describe what we saw on Bonfire Night. 

We described the sounds the fireworks made when we saw them and introduced lots of exciting vocabulary! 




Sorting food into 'fruit' and 'vegetable' categories

We made Pumpkin soup in our Mud Kitchen and wrote a list of ingredients.

Making Bread

We have enjoyed singing Cauliflowers Fluffy

Buying fruit and vegetables at the Farm Shop

In Reception this week, we have talked about the importance of giving thanks to God for all of the food that we receive. We have talked about where our food comes from. 


We have enjoyed taking part in lots of lovely activities to support our understanding of Harvest such as- 

*developing a Farm Shop role play area. 

*Talking about our favourite fruit and vegetables. 

*Making bread. 

*Exploring pumpkins. 

*Making 'Thank You' cards. 

We have had so much fun! 

This term, our topic is... 


Festivals and Celebrations 

This week, we have continued to develop our Maths skills by creating lovely patterns with gems and natural objects. 

We used our Phonic skills to find hidden words around the classroom. We had lots of fun!

We enjoyed sharing our family photos

Making Patterns with Buttons

Make a Pattern-Our 'Wake up, Shake up' dance!

This week, we have talked about our feelings. We have used The Colour Monster story to name and describe feelings such as happy sad angry calm scared and love.

The Colour Monster

Sorting Pom-Poms to Match Different Feelings

We made our own Feelings Monsters

In PE, we have been learning how to find a good space in the hall and have been moving in lots of different ways.

We have been developing our writing skills! We have learnt lots of new letters and sounds in our Phonics sessions. 

Matching Pairs in Maths

In maths this week, we listened to the story Simon Sock by Sue Hendra. We have talked about similarities and differences and have played lots of matching games. We particularly enjoyed playing Smelly Wellies, matching pairs of boots for the monster's feet! 

Simon Sock

We have been making our self-portraits with loose parts.

This term, our topic is... 


All About Me