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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

We are Class 2

History - Who is the lady in the picture?

What is the lady called?  Kaiden


Is she in a hospital? Max


What is she doing with the lamp? Patrick


Why are all the people injured? Harvey



The lamp is in our classroom!

We know all about Florence Nightingale

Florence was born in 1820.  Elise

She cleaned the hospital. Fearne

She made the soldiers better. Nathan

She set up a school for nurses. Sofia H

She was known as 'The Lady with the Lamp'.  Jackson

What's in the Florence Nightingale box?

We found lots of different things belonging to Florence.

We made the hospital where Florence worked.

I feel glad when the soldiers leave.  (Elise)


I feel happy because I am helping the soldiers.  (Fearne)


I think that I am doing a good job.  (Kaiden)


I think the soldiers are going to get better. (Sofia H)


If only I could leave and go home.  (Leo)


If only the hospital was clean.  (Zack)


I wish the soldiers would get better.  (Kyveli)

French Day

The Lonely Beast

This is the Beast. There is only one Beast in every country. This Beast has come to live in Class 2. We think he is brilliant!

The Great Fire of London

Making houses for our own Great Fire of London

Mr Stutt came to visit Class 2. We took our houses outside.

We were going to burn down the houses. It was like the real Great Fire of London.

It was so much fun!  Fearne


I really loved it.   Jake


It looked brilliant.  Patrick


It was fantastic!  Jackson

Toasting marshmallows and learning how to light a fire safely. It was lots of fun!

The Daily Mile


The Long Rope

The Adventures of Mr Benn

Mr Benn came to visit

We went to Australia