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Home Learning Activities - Friday 8th January 2021


Good Morning my lovely boys and girls - what a strange week it has been without you all here at Nursery!


Because today is Mrs Lisle's favourite day of the week, I have recorded a video of me doing dough disco for you to join in with at home - check it out below!  If you don't have any playdough at home, I have also uploaded a simple recipe for you to have a go at making your own (with some help from your grown ups) and after doing dough disco, maybe you could make some shapes or patterns with some tools or toys in your playdough, like animal footprints or using plastic shape cutters?


I would love to see some pictures or videos of you joining in with dough disco and practising your name writing and handwriting patterns and if you go outside and play in the slushy snow today too!


Have fun and a lovely weekend everyone! smiley

Home Learning Activities - Thursday 7th January 2021


Hi everyone! 

I hope that you are all ok at home and enjoying our daily activities!


Today at Nursery we have talked about the season 'Winter' and what we already know about it. We looked at some winter pictures and talked about what we could see and what we like to do in Winter.


*Look at the images below and talk with your child about what they see and what they already know about Winter. (Click on the arrow and the pictures should appear as a slideshow!)


*When getting ready to go outside for a walk or exercise or playing, allow your child the chance to get themselves dressed independently into appropriate clothing, including - their coat, hat, scarf, gloves, wellies etc. Children show your grown ups how clever you are at putting on your coats and having a go at fastening the zip all by yourself! yes 


*Have a go at the sorting clothes activity below into Winter and Summer.


As always, Mrs Lisle and Mrs Heslop would love to see pictures of you doing these activities, so please upload to Tapestry so we can see your lovely children, as we are missing them so much!

If you have any problems or queries about accessing the home learning please get in touch smiley

For Maths today I would like you to play the Numbers game - which your children love at Nursery! 


First, your child needs to be sitting down on the floor with their legs crossed (make sure there is some space around them as they will moving about during this game!)

Using the 1 - 5 numeral cards from yesterday, show your child the number 1 and say "stand up".

Show the number 2 card and say "sit down".

Number 3 is "clap your hands 3 times"

Number 4 is " stamp your feet"

Number 5 is "5 jumps or star jumps"


Then mix up the numbers and your child has to remember the actions and we often repeat 1 and 2 for "stand up, sit down" and they love this!


*Challenge:- Children can you think of any more actions we could do for the numbers 6-10?



Home Learning Activities - Wednesday 6th January 2021


Good morning to my lovely Nursery Class and families! 


Today at Nursery we have talked about the New Year and the month now being January.  If your child's birthday is coming up, talk about how many days it is and what date their special day is, as we would have done this at Nursery with them. Everyday at Nursery we sing our days of the week song and we count and clap the number that corresponds to the date.  Parents and carers you could show your child the numeral that represents the date, each day and talk about the number that comes before and which will come next to develop that understanding of ordinance and repeated vocabulary. We also talk about what the weather is like outside everyday - maybe you make your own weather chart, with pictures drawn by your child, to chart the weather daily for the week?


*You could write out the numerals 1 -10 on separate pieces of card or paper and play a quick recognition game.  Hide and shuffle the cards behind your back, show a card, your child has to show the corresponding number of fingers on their hands.


*On another set of cards or paper draw the patterns of dots that you would find on a dice and mix these in with the numeral cards.  Repeat the recognition game - your child could tell you the number quickly or show the correct number of fingers again.


*Get your child to order the numeral cards and talk with them about ordering, which number comes next, which number is before, which number is in between, which number is the biggest and which is the smallest - how do they know this? To develop their vocabulary and understanding.


*Match up the dot cards to the corresponding numeral - can they draw their own dotty patterns for the numbers 7-10? Take a photograph and upload to Tapestry for Mrs Lisle and Mrs Heslop to see.

Days of the Week clap clap! to the tune of the Addams Family

Dot cards

Handwriting Name Practise


This week at Nursery we are beginning to practise the correct formation of letters in our names. We will upload a picture of your child's name card to Tapestry, for you to help them to follow the correct way to form their letters in their name, with a capital at the beginning and the rest of the letters lowercase. In the first instance we would encourage you to write out your child's name (quite large) onto a piece of paper using a yellow felt tip pen for them to write over the top, then focus on each letter, making sure the formation is correct, the green dot is the starting point for each letter.  


If your child can write their name independently, please allow them the opportunity to do so, correcting when necessary and making sure they remember the sequence of letters - not missing any out!

Home Learning Activities - Tuesday 5th January 2021


Good Morning Nursery Class and Happy New Year to you!

I am so sad that we are not able to see you all back at school just yet, so I will be  putting some activities on this page to keep you busy at home!


Mrs Heslop and I would love to see some pictures of you at home doing these activities and you could even send us some pictures of you playing with your new Christmas toys - get your grown ups to upload them to Tapestry so we can see them!


Take care and be good smiley



Do you have any dice games at home? Can you play with a grown up, taking turns?  Can you roll the di and identify the number - show your grown up that right number of fingers!  Can you roll the di and count out the correct number of objects - can be small toys, sweets, animals or shapes.

Teach your grown ups the subitize song!

Subitize Up To 5 (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's website: www.jackhartmann.comRemember to connect with Jack Hartmann on his Social Networks:Facebook: w...

Home Learning - Thursday 3rd December


We have been on a Shape hunt around school, inside and out, finding lots of things and identifying what shapes they are. Watch and sing along to the shape song. Then have your very own 'Shape Hunt' around your house. Make collections of the different shapes you find, take some photographs and upload to Tapestry so that we can see them.  Have Fun! smiley

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

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Home Learning - Wednesday 2nd December


Today we have watched the Numberblocks episode about the 'Terrible Two's. Talk about how many 1's make up the different numbers to 5.


In Phonics we have begun to look at single sounds and identify things that begin with those sounds.  Play the 'Super Smoothie' interactive game with things beginning with 's'.  Then go on a sound hunt around the house to find things that begin with 's' (spoon, sock, sink, swing, soup etc) Take some photos of the things you find and upload them to Tapestry so we can see them.



Home Learning - Tuesday 1st December


Today we talked about the new month December and the beginning of Advent counting down the days to Christmas. Have you got an Advent calendar at home? Have a look at all of the numbers and talk about which number is first and which number will come next.  We have also started learning about the story of the very first 'Christmas'.  Watch the video clip below about the angel Gabriel coming to tell Mary that she will have a baby and call him Jesus.  Read the story to your child whilst following the pictures. Watch up to where the angels tell the shepherds to go to Bethlehem to see the baby.  Ask your child questions about the story including, Who is going to have a baby?  Who came to tell her? What will the baby be called?  Where do Mary and Joseph have to go?  How did they get to Bethelehem?  We have talked about this story being a very long time ago when there were no cars, buses or metros.

Can you practise singing the song 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' with actions, for our very special Nativity performance. Can you make a twinkly star picture using glitter, glue and shiny paper?

Home Learning - Friday 27th November

Friday is our 'Dough Disco' day! If you have some play dough at home, have fun and join in with making the movements (watching the video clip below).  You could play your child's favourite song too!


If you don't have any playdough at home you could try and make some with your child, following this simple recipe, if you have the ingredients.

Let's Go To The New Dough Disco

Dough disco is exercise for the fingers to improve fine muscle control. It is good before long writing tasks as a warm-up but essential every day exercise fo...

On Friday is our cars, bikes and scooters day at Nursery. If you can, get out into the garden for some playtime fun for 30 minutes. Allow your child the opportunity to get themselves dressed appropriately, putting on their coat, a hat and gloves etc for outside time.  Encourage your child to do the zip on their coat independently. Then come inside for a nice drink and healthy snack, after washing hands.

Home Learning - Thursday 26th November

Today at Nursery we have counted to 5 and have been recapping the different ways to make the number.  We are also going to be making numberblock pictures, using paint, printing the squares to make each number and showing the different ways of making the other numbers up to 5, by adding 1.

Subitize Up To 5 (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's website: www.jackhartmann.comRemember to connect with Jack Hartmann on his Social Networks:Facebook: www....

Can you have a go at making some numberblocks shapes?


 Home Learning - Wednesday 25th November

Today at Nursery we have talked about numbers being 'bigger' and 'smaller' and the order of numbers when they get mixed up!  Watch the Numberblocks episode 'Off we go' and talk with your child about what they notice. If you have any building bricks at home, make some towers and talk about which is bigger and which is smaller.  You could take some photographs and upload them to Tapestry for Mrs Lisle and Mrs Heslop to see smiley
Tomorrow we will be talking to the children about Remembrance Day and we will be making our own poppies.  Can you draw out 2 circles onto paper or card for your child to cut out themselves (ours are going to be about A4 size) and colour in red. Then glue them together, add a smaller black circle for the middle of the poppy and a simple green leaf shape.  We will also be taking part in a 2 minute silence at 11am.
This week in Nursery we have been learning all about the season 'Autumn'.  Watch the powerpoint video and the video of the seasons changing and talk with your child about what they notice.  Can you make an autumn tree picture using paint/crayons/pens with different coloured leaves and leaves falling to the ground?

Autumn Tree pictures

Today we are talking about bonfire night and making firework pictures and models. Share the powerpoint with your child and then have a go at making your own firework pictures using paint/ pens/chalks onto black or dark coloured paper. We are also going to be making a firework model using recycled materials. You will need a box or cardboard tube, paper, pens, paint, glitter. glue, coloured paper and pipe cleaners and let your child have a go at making  a model!

Firework pictures and models

Dough Disco

Spread the Happiness TV - check out our youtube channel for updated videos and more fun activities for children:

For our number work in Maths this week we have been singing counting songs to 5 - 5 little ducks, S little speckled frogs. We have also looked at the numicon shapes to 5, made towers of cubes and explored how to make numbers by adding 1 cube. You can count out any objects you have at home and explore and talk about the different ways of grouping them to make different numbers e.g. 2 and 1 make 3, 2 and 2 make 4, 3 and 1 make 4, 2 and 3 make 5 and 4 and 1 make 5.