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Week 3 18.1.21


Monday 18th January 


Good morning Reception! I hope you are ready for another exciting week of activities. I hope you are enjoying the challenges I have been setting so far. If you have an idea for an activity or are missing an activity that we would usually do in Reception, please feel free to let me know on Tapestry. I am really enjoying seeing photos of you all and have loved the special video messages you have sent us. We are missing you all so much! smiley





To begin our week of learning at home, I was wondering if you could answer these questions.... 


What is Ice? How is it made? Where does it come from? 

I would like you to do some investigating and share your ideas with me on Tapestry. You can either- 


*send me a video, telling me what you have found out. 

*Or, see if you can write your ideas into a sentence (with a little help from your grown ups) 

You may like to watch the Cbeebies episode of Kit and Pup to help you. Link below. 




Tricky Word Balancing game 

You will need: 

*A tube 

*A ball 

*Tricky words-I the to no go into written on large pieces of paper (in red pen if possible) 


Spread out the tricky words around your living room. Grown ups, say a tricky word. Boys and girls, you need to balance the ball on top of the tube and walk to the correct word! This is a tricky challenge and will test your balancing skills as well as your phonics skills. The aim of the activity is to walk to the correct word without letting the ball drop from the top of the tube.

Have lots of fun!

Today I would like you to review these phonemes. In school we call them 'sound friends' as they make 1 sound and are made of 2 letters... we say aloud '2 letters, 1 sound!' We know that the sound friends can be found at the end of a word 'Where's his friend? He's on the end!' 


ll ss ff ck


Grown ups, can you say these words? 

duck, hill, huff, miss, till, sock, puff 

children, can you use your freddy fingers to sound out the word and then write each word on a piece of paper. Share your writing with me on Tapestry. 


As an extra challenge, you may like to write this sentence (again, grown ups say the sentence aloud) 


The duck on the hill.   


Maths Mastery  


In maths this week we will be comparing numbers and quantities to 10. We are securing our understanding of numbers 1-10 before moving on to larger numbers in the coming weeks. 

Look at the 2 sets below. Which set has more? How do you know?



You will need a set of dominoes. You may already have these at home. If not, I have uploaded a paper version which can be printed out. If you haven't got access to a printer you could try to make your own using cardboard or paper and felt tip pens. 


Can you organise the dominoes into 3 groups? 

* 7 spots 

* More than 7 spots 

*less than 7 spots 


Have a lovely day everyone smiley

Tuesday 19th of January


What a mysterious morning, boys and girls! Please can you watch the video below to see if you can help Mrs Varty to solve the mystery? 

Today we found some mysterious objects in our classroom and outdoor area......can you help us to solve the mystery?





Please can you review the red tricky words, then our new tricky word is my 

In phonics today we are going to be reviewing the sound.....Z 

But, today we are learning a new sound friend......ZZ 2 letters, one sound! 

Please can you have a go at writing a word to match each picture (below) Have a discussion about the words first- (Parents, the words are fizz and buzz). 


As a challenge, have a go at writing the sentence The pop can fizz. 



Phonics pictures

Boom shake the alphabet

A fun song that will teach your child the letter names and sounds


Maths Mastery 


You will need your set of dominoes in maths today. See above link for a printable version if you have access to a printer. 


Who has more? 


You will need to play this game with 1 other person. Share out your dominoes fairly. Then, place all of your dominoes faced down. Take it in turns to turn a domino over. Choose 1 domino each. How many spots does each domino have? The player with the most spots gets 1 point. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner, when all of the dominoes are turned over.  Can you record your points? Maybe you could keep a tally of the score? You may need some help to start this off. 


Enjoy your day! 


Wednesday 20th January 


Good morning everyone! Well, after a very mysterious morning we had a lovely surprise in Reception. Mrs Bertram had a very special delivery for us! Click on the link below to find out what happened..... 


Elsa's ice challenge! 


Elsa has frozen her friend Olaf in ice by accident and needs our help to rescue him. Please can you help Mrs Varty by finding out the quickest way to melt ice? We don't have very much time and need to help Olaf and Elsa! You will need to use some ice cubes or your toy frozen in ice if you have one. 

Think of your own ideas and test them out! Or perhaps you could try.....

* Placing the ice in a warm place 

*Using salt, warm water or washing up liquid on your ice. 

*Warming the ice with your hands (but be careful that they don't get too cold!) 

*Putting your ice outside. 


Don't forget to send me your ideas and experiment on Tapestry. Have lots of fun! 


Here is a map of Arendelle. You could use this picture to show how Elsa left her castle to come to our school. Perhaps you could even draw your own map!



Check through your tricky, red words. Are there any you need a little more practise with? 

Today I would like you to review our sound friend qu. Remember, sound friends are 2 letters, 1 sound! 

The sound qu comes at the beginning of word-eg quit, quick 

Have a go at writing the sound qu


Mrs Varty also realised that the word 'liquid' has our new sound in the middle! 


We're going on a 'qu' Scavenger Hunt! 

Using items from around your house, internet, books or magazines to help you please can you find- 

* Something that is quick 

* A quilt 

*An animal that quacks 

*A queen 

*Think of a question 



I have a problem for you to solve today. You will need 2 dice to help you. Can you solve the question? 

Elsa scored less than Anna. Anna rolled 2 dice and scored 10. What did their dice look like? Is there more than 1 answer to this problem? Can you record your answers-perhaps by drawing what the dice looked like.


Have a lovely day :-) 




This appeared in the classroom today!


Thursday 21st January 


Hello everyone! Thank you for all of your fantastic responses to our Reception Mystery! You will be pleased to know that Olaf has been rescued and we have packaged Elsa's crown and gloves ready to send back to Arendelle. I am sure Elsa will be very grateful for our help. I hope you enjoyed completing your own ice investigation at home! 


Today I would like you to think about the characters of Elsa and Olaf and complete the speech bubble activity below. A speech bubble tells us what a character is saying. Now that we have rescued Olaf from the ice, what might Elsa and Olaf say?

Say a sentence aloud first. Then, use your sound mats to help with your writing and try and have a go at spelling the words yourself, using your 'freddy fingers' to help you. You may like to begin your sentences with I amAs a challenge, you could add in some tricky words to your sentences. Please don't worry if you do not have a printer to do this. You may like to draw your own pictures of the characters and write your own sentences on paper. 

Elsa and Olaf writing activity



In phonics we have moved on to learning our new tricky sounds! Follow Mrs Varty to find out which sound we will be learning today....


Our new sound.... ch

Still image for this video

making words

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Maths Mastery 


This week we have been comparing numbers to 10 and have been mastering our maths skills in counting, recognising numbers and recognising amounts of objects. Today I have a challenge for you! Have a go at the comparing numbers activity below, keeping a tally of who has the most each time. 



In Reception we learn to count in 2's, 5's and 10's! Here are some number songs that we will be using to help us.

The Counting by Twos Song

Count Together by 10's | Counting Workout for Kids | Jack Hartmann Counting by 10s


Friday 22nd January 


 Now our classroom is back to normal and we haven't spotted any more mysterious signs around the classroom. Thanks to all who have helped to solve the mystery this week! I will let you know if we hear back from Elsa and hope that Olaf has been returned safely to Arendelle.

As a special Friday treat, I have uploaded the song and lyrics to 'Let it go'. We would love to see videos of you singing your own version of the song! You may even like to dress up as your favourite Frozen character :-) 

Lyrics: "Let it Go" (Full Song by Idina Menzel)




Today we are going to write our long ladder letters in magic glitter! You can use glitter at home if you have some available. Mrs Varty would also love to see your neat writing with a pen or pencil. As an extra challenge, please can you try and sit your letters on a line?

Follow the videos below......


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

PE lesson- Cosmic yoga with a frozen theme!





Using a paintbrush and a bucket or container of water, can you paint some watery numbers outdoors-on a wall, a fence, a path? If the weather is too wet, you could try to paint with water on a chalk board if you have one at home. You may like to make your numbers with lines or dots. Can your grown up tell which numbers you have made? 


Have a lovely Friday! Next week we will be learning about penguins, one of Miss Wilson's favourite animals. 

Take care everyone.