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Problem solving with fractions! Have a look at this bitesize page that helps us understand how to solve problems involving fractions.

Hobbies in French | Beginner French Lessons for Children

In this Hobbies in French vocabulary lesson you will learn French sentences for different hobbies people do. We have included the French sentences for : I re...

Here is a bitesize activity to go along with the French youtube clip!

'Guess What I am' - Picture 3

Good morning Class 5,

Here is the third picture of our 'Guess what I am!' activity. Remember if you think you know what the object is then write your guess in a blog and post it on your page. I am checking for guesses everyday but there have been none so far! I'm sure one of you knows what this object is, you may even have it at home. 

Mrs Msmiley

Guess what I am! - Picture 4

Understanding thousandths! Today's Year 5 Maths bitesize matches what is on p72 and 73 of your Power Maths book. Use the clips to help you work through those pages.

This link to Year 5 White Rose home learning also provides some support with this work.  The video clips are really helpful!

You might have realised that the newspapers at the moment are full of facts about Covid-19.  Aswell as facts, many people are sharing their opinions about what should happen regarding lockdown!

The English bitesize activity today focuses on how newspapers use facts and opinions.  It also help you understand how to include direct and indirect speech.  This is how a newspaper can include a range of facts and opinions!


'Guess What I am!' - Final pictures

Well done to Sophie and Danny, who were in school today, for correctly guessing that the object was a roller blade! yes

In school, we are starting some work based on an adventure story.  We are beginning with CASTLES!  I would like you to find out what the different parts of a castle are. Can you draw a castle and label the different parts? Send me your pictures or put them on the blog!

Maths : Comparing and ordering fractions

English: Writing a newspaper report