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Good Morning Nursery children and families!


We are down to the last 2 weeks of the school year crying ! So this week, we are going to be thinking all about Nursery, our friends and all of the things we have learnt about! And then next week, we will be thinking about moving onto Reception and what Mrs Varty (or your other teachers) would like to know all about you!


Check out the table of activities below and do as many activities as you would like! I would love to see some of your work, which I will share on this page so please, parents and carers, send me some photos this week! 


I hope you have lots of fun, as always!


Love from

Mrs Lisle heart



Home Learning Activities Menu Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Draw a picture of you and your friend/s

Can you write their names?

Get a grown up to measure how tall you are now,

with a piece of string or ribbon.

Put a label on it with your name

and the date and you can keep this as a reminder

of how much you have grown in Nursery!

Can you think of and talk about some of

your favourite things at Nursery? Have a go at

drawing some pictures on the sheet below to help you!

Can you practise writing some letter sounds? 

 This can be on paper, in sand or glitter (in a shallow tray)

Can you recognise any of the sounds?

What is your favourite Jungle animal?

Can you draw or paint me a picture of it and tell 

a grown up 3 facts about it?

What is your favourite Wake Up, Shake Up dance?

Get your grown up to put it on and record you

dancing to it!

Watch your favourite Numberblocks episodes!

Can you build a tower using objects at home?

Count how tall your tower was before it fell over!

Can you make a tower taller than you?

Make your own Feely Box or bag!

Check out the promt cards below and have fun!



Today on EYFS home site is Superheroes Day which I think sounds like lots of fun! Check out the link below and why not revisit some of their previous days activities too!

 Good Morning Nursery children and families!


This is the last week of our Home Learning activities before the Summer Holidays! I do hope you have had fun trying out some of the them as I have loved thinking of things you might like to do at home!  This week is All about you and the activities that will help Mrs Varty and Miss Wilson (or your new teachers in different schools) get to know you better. I know that they are both very excited to welcome you back to school in September smiley.  


As always, have fun, stay safe and be very good for your mums and dads!

love from 

Mrs Lisle 


Home Learning Activities Menu Week Beginning 13/07/2020


Draw or paint a picture of yourself on a large piece of paper.

Look in a mirror at your eyes, nose, mouth and hair to make sure you

paint/draw them in the right place and do them the right colours

(as close as you can)


On a strip of paper write your name in your best writing-

make sure you don't miss out any letters and try to write

them the right way around!

Understanding of the World

Get some pieces of paper (A4) can be different colours 

to make it look nice!  You are going to make an 'All About Me' book.

You can draw/stick photographs or pictures in of the things

you like - favourite foods, books, games/toys to play with, friends, 

who is in your family. Think of all the things Mrs Varty would 

like to know about you!


Look at the ebook about 'Starting Reception'.

Complete the checklist to see if you are ready for school with a grown up!


      Let's Celebrate!

It's the last day of the school year and Mrs Heslop and I want to say a great big 'Thank You' to all of the Nursery children and families for your lovely cards, kind words and special gifts we have received from you!


It has been a pleasure to be your teachers this year and we can't wait to welcome you back into Reception Class in September!  I know that Mrs Varty and Miss Wilson are so excited to get to know you better and they are very lucky to be having you in their class!


Have a lovely Summer Holiday 


love from

Mrs Lisle and Mrs Heslop 




Last Home Learning Activity!

Today we would like you to have a Party Day with your family and toys!

Make invitations, party food and play games and dance to your favourite songs.

You all know Mrs Lisle and Mrs Heslop LOVE heartchocolate so try and have a chocolate treat too!



Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Mrs Lisle's Favourite song to dance to!