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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3- 2019



What would you like to know about Egypt in the past?

We looked at this picture and asked questions about what we wanted to find out.

Here are some of our questions:-

What is the river called? (Demi)

What is on the boat? (James)

What is the statue used for? (Naomi)

How did they make the pyramids? (Alastair)

What is the weather like in the desert? (Penny)

How do trees grow in the desert? (Joe)

Finding out about Egypt.

On which continent would you find Egypt?

What is the capital city called?

What record does the Nile hold?

What is the climate like in Egypt?


Who was the most important person in Ancient Egypt?

Slaves aren't normally Egyptian. They are the least important people. (Ethan)

Pharaoh's are very rich and powerful people. They were the most important person. (Nell)

Only one in ten people were scribes and it took 12 years to train. (Theo).

Farmers work for the pharaoh and get money by selling crops. (Meia)



What do all these flags have in common?

The River Nile flows through the countries.

The River Nile flows through eleven countries. (Evie)

The Blue Nile and the White Nile  form the River Nile. (Muryam)

The River Nile is the longest river in the world. (James)

The River Nile is 6695Km long. (Theo)

The River Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea. ( Naomi)

It starts in Tanzania and finishes in Egypt. (Rosie and Obi)

How do you mummify a tomato?

First you have to cut open the tomato and scoop out the seeds.

You are then left with the empty body!

Next you have to wash and clean the inside with soap before drying it with a paper towel.

After that you have to pour in natron salt to dry out the inside.

Finally put the tomato in a container and surround it with natron salt. Leave the tomato for at least two weeks.