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More amazing work from Federico I was emailed over the weekend. He has been working hard in Maths and practising his spellings - well done on a brilliant score! Here is his response to the picture of the lady I sent last week.

Hello Class 4, Mr. Q here. Happy Monday! What did you all get up to at the weekend? I went for a run on Saturday morning and spent the rest of the week packing for my house move. Here is this week's Maths and English plan from BBC Bitesize. I have also attached some resources to help you with your Maths from White Rose. During the week I will posting more work on our new topic which I will reveal the theme of soon. 


Keep working hard and smiling Class 4. Missing you all very much.


Mr. Q laugh

This week's BBC Bitesize Schedule

Today's Maths Lesson

Have a look at pages 84-99 of your Power Maths books as this will help you practise more decimal questions.


This link contains some videos that will help you complete different decimal calculations. 


Mr. Q

Today's English Lesson

Today's English focus is poetry. Have a go at this activity where you will have to use your comprehension and reading skills. 

Mr. Q

The next part of our story... (Click on each picture to enlarge the writing)

What kinds of things do you suppose would trouble a fairy tale Queen? See if you can write a list of 5 things that she may be worried about. You could create a mind map, or bullet point your ideas - the choice is yours.


Mr. Q

Countdown Maths Challenge 3

Last week, I received a lovely email from Federico who said that he and his family love my Countdown challenges. Here is a new one that I have been trying to get an answer to. See if you can find your own method!


Mr. Q

Comparing Decimals - Maths

Sound Words - English

Hello Class 4, here is today's BBC Bitesize lessons. The Maths focus is still decimals and the English is based around onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is when a word describes a sound or mimics the sound of an object or action. The worksheet will test your ability to fill in the missing words with 'sound words' that represent the action correctly.


Mr. Q laugh

The theme of our story is..... TROLLS!

The theme is... trolls! Throughout the next couple of weeks we will be delving into this topic in detail. Now that we all know our theme, I want you to write a list of characteristics of a troll. How does it behave? What does a troll look like? You may even want to draw a picture of what a troll looks like. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Mr. Q laugh

More amazing work from Aidan who has been getting stuck into our new topic - Trolls!

Ordering Decimals - Maths

Poetry - English

There is no worksheet to upload today from BBC Bitesize, so here is a link to today's learning focus in English. You will be tasked with remembering a poem off by heart.

Happy Wednesday Class 4. I have been in school this week working with some Year 6 pupils. We have been getting really into our trolls topic by designing castles, troll-hunters and maps. The Year 6's are going to create something for you all which I will share on our class page next week. Have a look at the lessons I have uploaded to our class page from BBC Bitesize, these will test your understanding of decimals and poetry in Maths and English.


Mr. Q laugh

Some RE from Mrs C! Hi Class 4, hope you are well.  

Can you remember watching The Good Samaritan from the previous RE? You could find the story in the Bible at home if you have one. (Luke Ch.10, verses 25-37) What was the most important message from the parable?

Have a look at the ideas below, can you put them in order from the most important to the least important? You could design a motto/banner to put up in your room to remind you to do this too! smiley


A brilliant sketch of a troll by Aidan. Well done!

Lucy's drawing of a castle. This is a brilliant piece of artwork Lucy - such attention to detail and neatness. Well done you! Mr. Q

Rounding Decimals - Maths

Rhyming in Poetry - English

The next part in our story...

I want you to create your own proclamation from the Queen for troll-hunters to go and observe the trolls in the forest. A proclamation is a public or official announcement dealing with a matter of great importance. Have a look at the example above and see if you can come up with your own proclamation. Think about what skills will be required from successful troll hunters.


I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


Mr. Q

Happy Thursday Class 4 (it feels like a Friday as this is my last day working in school for this week!).


Please have a go at today's BBC Bitesize lessons, where the focus in Maths is rounding decimals and rhyming in poetry in English. 


I will be busy this weekend moving into my new house. Let me know what your plans are I would love to hear from you. Have a lovely weekend and I will be back on Monday with a brand new week of exciting lessons.


Mr. Q laugh