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Class 6

We are back!!!

It is fair to say, that Class 6 are very glad to be back! We have had a lovely week and it has flown over.

For the remainder of this term, we are working on a project about cars. This involves making our own motorised buggy! here are a few photos from week one......

Buggy making

Buggy Update!

We are now onto the stage when we are adding the motor, batteries and circuit to make our buggy move! This is tricky and requires plenty of determination and perseverance! Emily got hers working first! I hope we can all do the same by the end of the week so we can start designing and making our bodywork....

Making them move....

We are also making sure we are keeping up with our reading. For our class novel we are reading Brother in the Land by Robert Swindells. It is an exciting adventure story. The other pictures show books that have have been recently recommended by people in class 6. We look forward to more talk about books and more opportunities to share.


Rehearsals are well under way for our production of 'The Wizard of Oz'. There has been lots of dancing, singing and acting so far and set and prop design are about to begin - exciting times!

Some children have also been able to begin using a 'Lumi' keyboard as we have been asked to do some research into how these could be used as part of the music curriculum. They have been great fun and we have begin to see some potential pianists emerge!​​​​​​​

We have begun learning the songs from the show and we are very impressed with everyone's acting through singing!

Another busy week!

It's been another fun and busy week in our class. We have been learning about our new topic of 'Islam' in RE.  Mr Aslam is planning to answer all the children's questions about the Muslim faith next week. We have also been rehearsing for the show and it is certainly take shape. We do need all the costumes in as soon as possible please.

We would also like every child to bring in an

old hand towel to use in one of our dances! Thank you in advance.

Dorothy trying on her dress!



Another week is over - just like that!

We have had another busy week. Next week we will welcoming Michael Heatley (our choreographer) back to finish the last few songs for our show. It is getting very exciting! Thank you to everyone at home who have been helping the children learn their lines; it is certainly not an easy task.

A little taster of the Good Witch's costume......

And filming begins...............

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