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It's arithmetic Friday! I hope I didn't send this one home, I don't think I did!

Try this reading activity

My graph

Immy's graph

A fantastic pie chart by Immy - glad to see you are still practising your clarinet Immy!

Some more Fun Home Science!

Hi Class 6,

It's been a while since I sent you some Light investigations to try at home so I thought I'd send you some more home Science to try. I apologise to those of you who have younger brothers or sisters as I shared these with Classes 3, 4 and 5 before Easter so you may have already tried them! For those of you who haven't then give them a go and let me know how you get on using your class blog. Remember to work safely and ask an adult for help.

Have fun!

Mrs Marshall smiley

Write a diary entry. You could be Churchill himself, a soldier or an ordinary civilian. Imagine you have just heard that the Nazi's have surrendered and write down your thoughts and feelings.

How to Fold Five Incredible Paper Airplanes | WIRED

It's sort of related to VE Day and the war! Have a go!

#RSNOchallenge 1 - Create a Samba Band

Grab your pots, pans, buckets, salt shakers, wooden spoons, tupperware or anything that makes a noise and join in the fun with the RSNO percussionists! Pleas...

Don't forget to keep practising!

Hi, following on from my blog about the world how about have a go at researching the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World first.......

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Have a go at locating the Seven Ancient Wonders

Fact sheet to help collect your information

Flag matching activity - I love flags!

JAC Dance - Oh Na Na Na Challenge

My latest challenge at home! Grab someone and have a go!

Here is an alternative Maths and English home learning booklet that I found and think is really good - just another resource to keep you going :)

Immy's diary entry

Sofia's diary entry

Well done girls, these diary entries are excellent. For anyone needing inspiration - take a look :)

How Adam spends a typical day......

Hope you are all taking your daily exercise like Erin!

Tik Tok

Still image for this video
Trying the Tik Tok dance! Anyone else?!
 I can see some of you have begun to research the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World - well done. There is a debate about picking new wonders of the world. If you follow the link on the sheet below, you can see the finalists. You decide which wonders should be included and why.......

How to draw the Union Jack - National Flag of United Kingdom

Have a go to display in your window!

Something a little trickier.....