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Autumn 2022

Welcome to Class 5!

Joining Year 5 can be daunting, so we decided to write down our worries and things we are feeling a little apprehensive about. After talking about them as a whole class, we threw them in the air… literally! 

Our class novel for this term is ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

Class 5 didn’t go to the museum, the museum came to class 5.

This week, we turned our classroom into a museum and examined a number of Viking artefacts. We all had an amazing time learning about the Vikings using drama and creativity.

Creating a storyboard of our class novel so far.

We created our very own storyboard of our class novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. We really enjoyed recapping the story and being able to write about specific parts in our own words.

Whole class reading

As part of whole class reading, we have been reading ‘Viking Boy’ by Tony Bradman. This links in perfectly with our current history topic - ‘The Vikings’. We’ve been developing our comprehension skills, with a particular focus on retrieval and inference. The dark and mysterious themes have everyone in class 5 on the edge of their seats every afternoon reading this amazing book!

Spring 2023

This term, as part of whole class reading, we are using 'Cosmic' as our core reading text in Year 5. The class are absolutely loving the story so far, and we're only a few chapters in! Look out for some amazing work we produce this half term!

New Science topic.. properties of materials!

This week, we commenced our new Science topic 'Properties of materials'. We began by sorting different scientific vocabulary to their corresponding definitions. Afterwards, we tested whether different materials were absorbent, flexible, and/or magnetic!

This term’s Geography topic... RIVERS!

We’ve been learning about rivers this week in Geography and Mr Quinn tasked us with locating different rivers throughout the world. To do so, we needed to work together in pairs and use atlases.

Short maths every morning... look at the concentration on Class 5’s faces!

Programming their own piece of music using a very interactive piece of coding software. Class 5 love any opportunity to get the headphones out in the computer suite!

Which material is the best thermal insulator?


Class 5 are loving our current science topic ‘Properties of Materials’. This experiment required a lot of team work, patience and concentration. 

Some of Class 5 working hard on ‘Lexia’ to enhance their reading and comprehension skills! 

Finally testing out our Viking longboats in the pond!

Making our own music using different programming functions.

Valentine's Day!

Developing our composition skills in music with Miss West.

Testing which substances are soluble in science. MESS MESS MESS!

World Book Day 2023!

Lots of fun drama based activities today for World Book Day 2023. Class 5 loved dressing up as their favourite book characters, and so did Mr Quinn aka Robin Hood!

Making our own compositions collaboratively in Music with Miss West.

Locating well known mountains throughout the world using atlases.

Getting to grips with our new spelling platform, EdShed!

Morning brain puzzles for World Math's Day 2023.

Summer 2023

This week, we've started our new history topic 'Ancient Greece'. We were tasked with sorting key events into chronological order.

Getting to grips with MathShed and developing our mental maths skills.

Work in progress.. our King's Coronation display area. Watch this space for some amazing art work!

Our finished King's Coronation display area. This weekend, we will be celebrating our newest monarch, King Charles III, as he is officially declared the king.

This week, Class 5 have been working in pairs trying to perfect our keyboard playing skills. We even tried playing the same notes simultaneously with both hands - not as easy as it sounds!

We’ve been writing non-chronological reports about guinea pigs this week in English.