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Regular Homework

Friday 16th October 2020

Hello Year 4, here is this week's homework activities. 



Have a go at these addition and subtraction challenges. Remember, add or subtract two of the numbers first, then add or subtract the third number in the calculation. Double check your answers and use column addition/subtraction.


1. 3654 + 2543 + 1546 = 

2. 1934 + 3649 + 2651 = 

3. 4657 + 2653 + 5764 =

4. 9254 - 1465 - 2546 = 

5. 8736 - 2356 - 1988 = 

6. 9367 - 2655 - 1403 = 



I want you to learn these 5 spellings and practise putting them into varied sentences. Remember, the same word can be used in different contexts. 


seperate, special, strange, therefore, thought.




Create your own fact file about the Romans and find out the answers to these 5 questions:

1. Where did the Roman army conquer first?

2. Why did the Romans want to conquer Britain and Ireland?

3. How did the Celts react to their land being taken off them?

4. Who was Queen Boudicca? What did she do for the Celts?

5. Find out what skills and qualities were needed to join the Roman army. 


Times Tables


Carry on practising your times tables using Times Table Rockstars and Numbots. 

Friday 9th October 2020


Bonjour Year 4 here is this week's homework.



Here are the spellings I would like you to focus on learning this week. Can you write a sentence using each spelling? Challenge yourself and look at extending each sentence using more sophisticated vocabulary. 


famous, favourite, February, grammar, guard.



Your task is to make a flyer advertising our pop-up museum we visited this week in class. You can give it your own name and you might want to include some alliteration like 'Bartholomew's British Museum'. Make sure the flyer is engaging for someone to pick up and that it contains lots of persuasive language!



Have a go at these 4-digit subtraction calculations where you will have to do some exchanges.


9675 - 2366 

8968 - 1859

7855 - 2498 

9789 - 2640


Extension challenges

1. Sophie and Larry decided to count up the money in each of their money boxes. Sophie counts £13.98 in hers and Harry counts £23.22 in his. How much more money does Larry have than Sophie?

2. A laptop costs £261.45 before Christmas. It is reduced by £52.89 in the New Year's sale. What is the new price?


Times Tables

Please continue practising your times tables on either Numbots or Times Table Rockstars.


Mr. Q laugh


Friday 2nd October 2020


Hello Year 4. Here is this week's homework I would like you all to do at some point before next Friday please.



On Monday, we will be learning about the Romans and their invasion of Britain. Have a look at this picture and on a piece of paper or in a notebook, I want you to answer this question: 


"What is happening in this picture?"




I would like you to choose 5 common exception words of your choice from the print out I sent home last week and see if you can write a sentence containing each of the words. If you don't have your sheet, here are the spellings I would like you to use: accident, difficult, height, position and recent. 




Times Table Rockstars

Please continue to access Times Table Rockstars and practise your times tables. Our school's postcode is NE12 8FA.


This week you will be focusing on a mixture of times tables ranging from 1 to 12. This is a really good way to practise as multiplication calculations sometimes vary between different times tables. 




Numbots is an online interactive game that will improve your child's mathematical thinking and answering speed. It can be played online or you can download the app on Apple and Android devices. Your child's user name and password is the same as the login used for Times Tables Rockstars. You can access Numbots here using this link:


Initially, I would like you to commence the story mode and get used to using the software. We will commence the different levels and challenges properly next week. 


Have a lovely weekend!


Mr. Q laugh




Friday 25th September 2020



I have attached the Year 3 and 4 common exception words below. Please read the words with an adult and choose 8 of them to learn for homework. I want you to focus on spelling the word correctly but also using the word in a sentence. Why not challenge yourself and see if you can think of any synonyms for each word just like we have been doing in our whole-class reading lessons this week?



This week in maths we have been learning about 4-digit numbers using column addition. Have a go at these calculations where you will have to exchange some ones, tens or hundreds. All you will need is a piece of A4 paper or a notepad to work out the answers.


1. 3655 + 2891         2.  6456 + 1289          3. 6377 + 2144           4. 7388 + 2921


Extension challenges:

What happens the number 4567 if you:

*Add 2000.

*Add 454

*Add 1356. 


Times Table Rockstars:

You all were given your Times Table Rockstars login sheet earlier this week. For homework this week, you will be practising your 3, 5 and 7 times tables.  


Remember, homework must stay at home for now. I will recap on what this homework focuses on next week in class to see how we have all got on with the different activities. 


Mr. Q 



Friday 18th September 2020

Hello Year 4. Here is this week's homework which focuses on what we have been learning this week in maths and English. 


Always double check your calculations in maths (or challenge yourself and have a go at doing the inverse of the calculation) and keep practising your handwriting in English when learning your spellings. If you don't have access to a printer, you can use a notebook or an A4 size sheet of paper to write down your answers or calculations.


Please remember that homework must remain at home for now. I will address any misconceptions and offer whole-class feedback the following week in school. 


Mr. Q laugh