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Your child has taken home a pack of Little Wandle tricky words. Please cut them out and practice them at home. Begin with the red set and move onto the blue set when they are secure. 

As a next step, you may like to encourage your child to write the tricky words that they are familiar with. 


Many thanks 


Mrs Varty 

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Dear parents,

As it is half term next week, there will not be any set homework to complete. The children have worked SO hard in their first half term of Reception. I am so proud of them all! 😊

If you would like to complete any additional activities over the week, you could try-

🍁Continuing to practice writing the graphemes that we have learnt in phonics.
🍁Practice writing their first name (with capital at the start and lower case letters)
🍁Continue orally blending and segmenting sounds in words.
🍁We have been talking about the changes in season. You may like to go on an Autumnal walk and collect treasures to talk about.

Enjoy your time together next week 😊

Mrs Varty




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