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Wow! What a great first week back we have had at Nursery.

The children have settled right back into our routines and they have enjoyed playing with their friends and meeting some new friends in Nursery!



This week we have been practising writing our names, forming 'most' of our letters correctly and practising holding a pen, with the correct grip.

How to hold a pencil using a pincer/Tripod grip


This week in Nursery, we have been learning about the order of numbers, when counting.

We looked at the Numicon shapes up to 5 and Mrs Lisle got them in the wrong order!

The children were amazing and helped Mrs Lisle by reordering themselves yes

26th March 2021


This week at Nursery we have been learning about the season 'Spring'.  We watched some video clips of chicks 'hatching' out from an egg shell and we learnt the names of some baby animals, including, lamb, chicks, tadpoles and ducklings.  We also looked at different flowers you might see in springtime like, daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells. We had a go at making some, with coloured paper and paint, and we have made a lovely 'Spring' display in the classroom.


Planting flowers in the garden.

This week Mrs Reid brought in some flowers for us to plant in our outside garden area. First, the children helped to pull out the weeds, using special tools and then they enjoyed getting stuck in, planting up the flowerbeds with some pretty violas! 

Friday 23rd April 2021


Welcome back everyone!

We hope that you all had a lovely time, in the Easter holidays. Thank you to those parents, who have shared photographs of the things you have done in the holidays, with us on Tapestry - we really do love seeing what the children like to do, outside of Nursery smiley


We have had a very busy week at Nursery, this week...


Applying our knowledge of letter sounds learnt in Phonics

Practising writing our names...

Learning how God made the World and making a World Earth Day craft.

We picked up lots of rubbish outside, in our Nursery garden...

We celebrated a Nursery birthday...

And talked about our favourite outside places and how we can look after God's world!



This week at Nursery...

We have played lots of fun Phonics games!

Mrs Lisle received a special parcel for the Nursery children...

It was our Bookstart books from the library! smiley

We practised our handwriting, letters we have learnt...

Today we did the daily mile challenge!



Well what a short week we have had, this week, missing Monday at Nursery because of the Bank Holiday!

We have still managed to do lots of fun learning this week...



Under the Sea and counting

We have started to learn about creatures found 'Under the Sea'. The children all recognised the clownfish, just like Nemo from the movie. We learnt some facts about where clownfish live, how big they are and what they eat.  We also looked closely at the picture above and talked about the things they could see and what should and should not be in the sea.  Great opportunity to consolidate our counting skills, how many legs on the sea spider and arms on the starfish and how many clownfish they could count too!


If your child has an interest in any other sea creatures or they do some super counting at home, we would love to see this on Tapestry! smiley

Recognising Numicon shapes

Sounds we have learnt in Phonics

Painting pictures, using watercolours.

Playing with our friends in role-play, making ham, cheese, lettuce and...SPIDER SANDWICHES!

Friday 14th May 2021


This week has been, Mental Health Awareness Week!


In Nursery, we have talked about different emotions we know and some things we can do, to make us feel better.

Check out the link below.

We drew pictures of the things that make us feel happy...

We have learnt some breathing techniques and made a breathing wand!

Working and playing together...

We can persevere with challenges...

And your children do help to tidy up, in the classroom!


This week at Nursery we have been learning facts about different sea creatures.




Starfish and jellyfish

Ask your children to tell you what they have found out about starfish and jellyfish!

We have painted our own starfish...

On Wednesday it was National Numeracy Day!


Please visit the link below, to find out more!


Mrs Lisle and Mrs Heslop would love to know if your child has a favourite number.

Can they recognise the numerals on your house?  What other numbers have they seen, around and about outside? 

We would love to see pictures of you number hunting, on Tapestry smiley

Friday 11th June 2021


Well... what a busy week we have had in Nursery!

We are continuing on with our learning, all about different sea creatures, and this week we have learnt all about turtles!



We learnt about the life cycle of a turtle...

We had our drink and snacktime outside this week as it has been so warm inside the classroom!

We've been auditioning for Nursery band members this week...

And we have loved pretending to be mermaids, in our under the sea role-play!