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Good Morning Nursery!


I hope you have had a good weekend and are ready for this week's home learning activities!  It has been .lovely to see some pictures from Alastair, Airlie and Luke this weekend, sharing what they have been doing at home - check them out below! 


For this weeks activities we have a mixture of things for you to try out, continuing on with our minibeast theme and something special! This weekend it will be Father's Day which is a special day to say 'Thank You' to our brilliant dads for all of the things they do to look after us! It is so lovely for me and Mrs Heslop to see many of you dads doing the school runs each week, so I hope that you get the chance to do some of the activities with your children this week and get thoroughly treated like kings at the weekend!


As always I hope you have lots of fun this week and please try to send me some pictures of the things you have been doing at home!


Lots of love

Mrs Lisle heart

Home Learning Activities Menu 15/06/2020
Watch a minibeast video to find out facts about them.

Play a minibeast guessing game - listen to the clues

(parents you will have to read them), can you identify the minibeast.

Play 'I spy' counting and finding all of the different minibeasts. Listen to a story about a snail.

Complete the minibeast

'Home Learning Challenge'

Find out where different minibeasts live

Listen to the story 'My Dad'

by Anthony Browne

Make a Father's Day card for your Dad



CBeebies: Minibeast Adventure With Jess - Snail Adventure

CBeebies: Learn some facts about snails with Jess from Minibeast Adventure. Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and v...

Norman the slug with a silly shell - The Story Book Channel

Norman the slug - The Story Book Channel About Norman the slug who wants to be a snail so looks for a shell. But what shell will he choose? By Sue Hendra

My Dad - Anthony Browne

Read by M - Year 2/ United Kingdom Bố tớ - My Dad by Anthony Browne Copyright © 2016 My Five-a-Day​: Đọc cùng con dịch Bố tớ được phết đấy! Chẳng ngại gì đâu...

Airlie's Pictures

Lovely to see you baking with Dad and some super impressive cutting sills to make your own caterpillar - was it as delicious as it looks, I wonder?

Congratulations Luke!

Our very own Superstar footballer in Nursery, received his participation award from his football club this weekend.

We are so proud of you Luke!


Look at all of the the things Alastair has been doing at home!

Wow Alastair - you have been so busy!

It is so lovely to see your gorgeous smiling face again - I've missed you!

Looks like you have been having lots of fun at home, thank you so much for sharing these pictures with me smiley

Hello Heidi!

Some super home learning fun going on!

Look at that fabulous pencil grip writing some letter sounds and have you been out to the park? That looks like it was a lovely day. Thank you for sharing these pictures with me yes


Hi Nursery Class!

 Happy Friday to you all...


Just a quick message to remind you that it is Father's Day this Sunday, so I hope you get the chance to make a nice card/picture for your dad which I know they will love!


Today on the EYFS Home site is Minbdfulness and Yoga Day which I think sounds very relaxing... Why not check out the link below and if you do have a go, send me some pictures and a message all about it!


Take care and have a lovely weekend!


love from

Mrs Lisle heart