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Good Afternoon Reception smiley  


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge!  


Counting Carefully  

You will need: A piece of paper and pens (and stickers if you have some to hand) 

Ask your grown up to write numbers 1-10 at the bottom of a piece of paper (landscape). Can you draw pictures or dots to match each number? 



smiley   heart

1       2

 You may like to use stickers instead if you have some at home. If you would like to challenge yourself, repeat with numbers 11-20. 


Have fun and don't forget to count carefully smiley 



Resources to support phonics-these are the mats we use for sound recognition and letter formation

Good Morning Reception! 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 


History Hunters 


You will need: Old photographs-originals or on phone, etc     Somewhere comfy to sit 

Go on an old photo hunt in your house. Look at photos of mummy and daddy and your baby photos and talk about how you have all changed. This may also be a great opportunity to Video Chat with Nanna, Grandad or extended members of your family. What was different when mummy and daddy were younger? 


Have fun! smiley



For your information, the reading schemes that we use in Reception are- 


Jelly and Bean Mrs Varty's group are reading some of these  

Songbirds Phonics Mrs Varty's group are pink stage 1   Mrs Billington's group are red/yellow band 2/3 

Oxford Reading Tree Floppy's Phonics  Mrs Varty's group are level 1, Mrs Billington's group are level 2/3 


If you would like to buy additional books to support your child in their reading, all can be purchased on Amazon.  


Please feel free to download the template to colour, collage or paint your own rainbow

Here are some lovely rhyme cards to support number formation-we have these laminated at school and use dry wipe pens to write over the top.

Regular Reading 


Please continue to read with your child 3x per week and write a comment in their reading diary. Continue to practise reading Red words and the Desktop Sounds (these can be printed, cut up and used as flash cards). Mrs Varty's group will recognise set 1 on first page. In addition to this, Mrs Billington's group know ng ai, ee, igh, oa oo oo, ar er ur, or, oi, ow, ear, air, ure.


Many thanks smiley 

Happy Monday Reception!   


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge!  


Paper Aeroplanes


You will need: sheets of paper, a tape measure and a little help 

Ask a grown up to show you how to make a paper aeroplane-you may like to use a Youtube clip to help you. Test them outside. or in your living room and measure the distance they travel with a tape measure and a little help. Which plane went the furthest/shortest distance? 


Have fun! 


Mrs Varty  smiley

Make the most of the sunshine and turn your garden into a learning environment!

Good morning Reception! Here is your Wednesday challenge smiley


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 

Make an Obstacle Course

You will need: to ask a grown up for help. 


We love to make obstacle courses with our tyres, planks and crates in our Early Years, today's challenge is to create something for your family to try out! Think of the show Ninja Warrior smiley You may like to make it in your garden so you have plenty of space, or indoors with permission.  What can you use to travel over, around and through?  Can you time yourself completing your challenge using a grown up's phone? Who is the fastest in your house? 


Have lots of fun and don't forget to send us a photo of your amazing creation! 


Mrs Varty 

Good Morning Reception! 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 


Reading Den Building 

You will need: Blankets, cushions, pegs, books-if possible a frame to clip materials onto 


Grab blankets, pillows and make a cosy den somewhere in your house or outdoors. Spend time sharing books together-ask your grown up to read to you and then read your school book to your grown up. We would love to see photos of your dens so please feel free to email them to us! 


Have fun! 


Mrs Varty 

Good Morning Reception! I hope you are all keeping well. Thanks to those of you who have sent photographs of your home learning activities. We really miss seeing your lovely faces each day! Please keep them coming!smiley


Here is the first challenge of the week 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 


Family Cafe! 


You will need: paper and a pencil, an apron if available,  your dining room table, yummy lunch and some help from a grown up. 


Today you are going to help your grown up to prepare lunch. Begin with talking about what is available for lunch (is there a choice of sandwich/ toast/ crisps, etc?) and then ask each member of your family what they would like. Can you take their order? sound out the word and write it down on your piece of paper. Then, help your grown up to either prepare the food (making sure that you wash your hands very carefully first!) or set the table for your family. How many plates/knives/forks/spoons will you need? 


Have fun! 


Mrs Varty 


Good morning Reception! I hope you are all keeping well smiley Here is your final challenge for the week. 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 

Easter Chick cut and stick 

You will need: Child-friendly scissors, a glue stick 


Print out the Easter Chick template-attachment above. Carefully cut out all of the pieces (you may need a little bit of help with this). Use the example sheet to help you to make your own picture. Don't forget to write your name on the back of your work! 


Have fun! 


Mrs Varty 

Easter Chick

Isn't Daniel's Easter chick lovely?

Good morning Reception and welcome back! I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter holiday and have had lots of yummy chocolate eggs. Sending a big virtual hug to you all, I am really missing you! 


Here is your challenge for today 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 


Yes or No? 


You will need: to print out the resources to match your child's phonics group and cut out the yes/no cards 

(If you don't have a printer, parents may need to copy down the captions for your child to read and then use smaller pieces of paper for the yes/no cards ) 


Can you read the caption to your grown up? Is the answer Yes or no? Find the right card to match! 


To make this activity a bit more active, you can write Yes/no on pieces of paper and display them in your living room-then your child has to quickly rush to the correct answer! 


Have fun! 


 Mrs Varty 

Stan and I have really enjoyed seeing lots of lovely rainbows on our walks together. Have you spotted any where you live? Here is Wilf's fantastic fruit rainbow! Doesn't it look delicious? What a fab idea!

I really hope you have been enjoying the Traffic Light Challenges and have been getting all of your colours! Wilf made some super paper aeroplanes and measured the distances they travelled. Super work!

Wilf's recreation of the last supper

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Reception love to join their friends in Wake up Shake up every morning. Here is one of our favourite routines. Enjoy everyone!

Good Morning! I hope you are all well on this lovely, sunny day! 


Summer Term Update 

As we begin our Summer term we will be supporting you at home by planning and guiding you through more focused activities over the coming weeks. I will be recommending websites to follow where you can complete set English, maths and Foundation tasks as part of your daily routine. Please don't worry if you don't have a printer as most activities only require paper and online access. 


Lots of our children have really enjoyed completing the Traffic Light Challenges so they will still continue but will be in addition to more planned activities....So you can still achieve all of your colours each week! A big thank you to all of the parents who have sent in photographs of home learning. It has been lovely to see the children having so much fun! 


Please continue to check the 'All children' page where Mr Restall has uploaded lots of lovely resources and websites for you to use in your home learning. 


As always, if you have any problems please don't hesitate to send me a message. 


Take Care 


Mrs Varty x 


Home Learning-Freya completed her challenge and made a cosy story den. What a perfect place to share a book. Well done Freya!

Here is a weekly plan of outdoor activities that you may like to do while the sun is shining! I hope you enjoy them :-)

Good Morning Reception, what another beautiful day! It's lovely to see the sun shining again smiley I hope you have got lots of fun activities planned with your families today. 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge 


Today is Earth Day! This is a special day where lots of people across the world think about how we can protect our planet through helping the environment. 


Junk Model Monster! 

You will need: clean and safe items from your recyling bin-eg boxes, plastic bottles, lids, pots  

sticky tape or masking tape if you have some to hand.  



paint if possible 


Your challenge today is to use recyclable materials to make a monster.Think carefully about what you would like them to look like. You may want to do a drawing first on a piece of paper. Then, get creative! You may need a little help from a grown up when you cut and stick pieces together.

Don't forget to send me a photograph of your monster when they are finished and make sure you give them a name! 


Have lots of fun; I can't wait to see what you have made! 

Love Mrs Varty xx 



Here are some junk monsters other children have made to give you some ideas.....

Mitchell made a brilliant junk model monster!

Happy Earth Day from Go Jetters and CBeebies Proms!

Happy Earth Day! This special piece of music was performed by BBC singers and the BBC orchestra at the Cbeebies proms. What did you think of it?

Macie has been having lots of fun learning outdoors in the sunshine :-)

Macie completed her challenge and made a fantastic monster from junk modelling. Doesn't he look brilliant!

Good Morning Reception, happy Friday! Well we have come to the end of another week of learning. I hope you have enjoyed all of the challenges this week and have had some lovely time with your families, too smiley Here is your final challenge of the week!


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge 


Dear Zoo 


Reception boys and girls really enjoyed learning about Jungle Animals at school last term. We found out so many interesting facts about Snakes (especially the Green Anaconda!), Tigers and Monkeys! So, to finish the topic I would like you to take part in Chester Zoo's Virtual Zoo tour! Link above 


Select an animal you would like to find out about, then watch the tour. Don't worry if you miss the live stream as there is a link to previous tours on the web page. 

Then select one of these activities that you would like to complete, based on your animal. 


* create a painting or craft picture of your animal

* Create an information booklet about your animal using an A4 piece of folded paper (Grown ups, you may need to draw lines on the paper to encourage neat writing smiley



I hope you enjoy your trip to the zoo today! Mrs Varty is looking forward to seeing your work. 

Have a super day xx 


Here are some clues about our new topic, starting on Monday. I wonder what we will be learning about?

Freya completed her Ninja Warrior Challenge and made a brilliant obstacle course in the garden. Look how carefully she is balancing on her wall! Well done Freya!

Mrs Billington and I had a lovely surprise on Friday. We would like to say a huge thank you to Ross and his family for our delicious treats. How kind!

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. 


This week I will be directing you to activities that you may like to use to support English and Maths. I hope you find the resources helpful and that the children have lots of fun completing the tasks! Don't forget to continue to check our class page regularly for updates. If there are any problems or you would like further information please contact me via the 'Contact Mrs Varty' box at the top of the page. 


Monday activities


Daily phonics 

Please complete one of the games on Phonics play each day. Mrs Billington's group will be able to access phase 3 and 4 games. Mrs Varty's group should know some of the phase 3 sounds. 



This week we will be focusing on sharing fairly. 

Please access Oak National Academy-Reception-Maths     (link below)

Click on Sharing objects into equal groups and complete the lesson. Please don't worry about the introduction too much as we are not following the lessons in particular sequence. I wonder if you have anything you could share fairly with a member of your family?  




This week we are starting our new topic-Minibeasts! (did you manage to guess from the pictures?!) Which creatures would you like to learn about this term? Have a think and write down your ideas in sentences, doing brave writing and starting with

I would like to learn about

You may choose 1,2 or more creatures. You can also draw pictures to go with your writing. Photograph your work and send it to me if you can, or share your ideas in a blog if you would like to. Don't forget to use your sound mats to help you with tricky spellings.

Remember, when we write sentences we need-

*Capital letters at the beginning 

*Finger spaces between our words. 

*Full stops at the end of our sentences.


 I can't wait to see your work smiley





Here is your first challenge for the week smiley


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge 


Keep Moving! 

Play your favourite song on Youtube. Can you make up a dance routine and record it for your friends and family to see? You may even like to share it with me on our class page! 

Have lots of fun smiley


Mrs Varty x 

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing The Greatest Showman starring Wilf!

Still image for this video

Lovely work from Charlotte and Freya. Butterflies were the most popular!

This week we will be learning about Butterflies! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas :-)

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all ok today. Thanks to those of you who have been sending me messages through our class blog and via email, it's been lovely to hear from you! 

Have a lovely day xx


Tuesday Activities 




Today I have a challenge for you! Can you share out 15 biscuits or sweeties between your 5 favourite toys? How many do they each have? Is it fair? Can you record on paper what you found out? You may like to draw a picture of your challenge. 




This week we are learning about Butterflies. Can you find out some information about them? You can use YouTube or might have books at home to help you. Then, can you write some of your fun facts into sentences? Don't forget to use your sound mats to help you with tricky spellings. I would love to see more of your writing smiley

Here is week 2 of Outdoor Learning ideas

Reception News-Charlotte Celebrated her 5th birthday at home! Happy Birthday Charlotte, we hope you had a lovely day :-)

Reception News-Daniel has lost his first teeth!

Emma's Message

Still image for this video
Emma sent Mrs Varty a special message for her teachers and friends. Missing you too, Emma xx

Thanks to all of you who have sent in photographs of your home learning. Keep them coming! Don't forget-our class blog is also up and running for you to send in photos and messages to us x


Wednesday Activities 



If a packet has 20 sweets in and you share them equally between you and 3 friends, how many will you get each? Draw 20 sweets on a sheet of paper, equally sharing them into 4 corners of the paper. Count how many are in each corner?




Freya has been learning lots about Butterflies at home. She drew a fantastic diagram of the life cycle of a butterfly. Over the next three days, can you make me a booklet all about the Butterfly Life Cycle? You may need to use Youtube and books to help you. Send in photos of your work if you are able to on Friday. 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge!


You will need: 

Paint, brushes and paper 


Can you create your own symmetrical butterfly painting? Fold a piece of paper in half and paint on one side of the paper. Fold the plain half on top to create a lovely print. I can't wait to see your artwork! 


Have a lovely day xxx 




Mrs Billington has a special message for you all heart


Hello boys and girls, 

I am really enjoying looking at all of the wonderful things you have been doing. I'm so pleased to see how well you're doing with your challenges. Wilf, your dancing is AMAZING and Emma, thank you for the beautiful message. 

I miss you all so much and I'm sure you all miss school. Stay safe and I will see you soon. Can't wait to see your beautiful little faces again. 

Love and best wishes 

From Mrs Billington xxx 

Mrs Billington's Rainbow from Niamh, Emma's big sister

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