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Tuesday 5th January 2021

Use what you know about the relationship between mm, cm, m and km to answer these:

2356m = ____cm

4500km = __m

3.4km = ___m

_____mm = 98cm

5.6cm = ___mm

345cm = _____m

Today we are learning about grams and kilograms. There are 1000g in 1kg. Complete the sheet.

Grams and kilograms

Have a go at this SPaG test.

Remember to check out the 'homework' page too!


Write a sequel to 'The Machine Gunners'

Think about when this will be set. Will Chas, Audrey, Nicky and Clogger be older? adults even? Will they still know each other and what has happened to them after the war...

Remember to write in paragraphs with consistent use of punctuation! 

Today we are revising fractions. Have a go:


2 4/5  x  6/7


4/6 + 5/6

2/12 - 1/12


Order from smallest to largest:


4/5  2/6  1/2  2/5  2/2

 7 8/9 divided by 6


4/5 of 1000

3/7 of 21

2/9 of 18

12/13 of 130


Remember to simplify your answers.


Try these:

456 x 10

45,678 x 1000

8.7 divided by 10

978 divided by 100

23,567  x 100
















Put these adverbs into sentences remembering to check your punctuation

Today we are doing this arithmetic test. Have a go and mark your own at the end and make corrections where you can

Wednesday 6th January

Long Multiplication revision

345 x 45

567 x 4.5

769 x 76

8765 x 49

89 x 57

34 x 6.7




French Toast, short animation movie

Rewatch this video

Re watch this video. Remind yourself of the storyline and the different characters. Now write a story in the first person and past tense to tell the story from your chosen character's point of view. Remember to add a range of punctuation and write in paragraphs.

Here is my example below. See if you can work out which character I am.


Have a go at this reading comprehension

Drawing Challenge. We did the bird...

RE with Mrs. C!

Happy Wednesday year 6! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas resting and spending time with your families. smiley

It's Wednesday which means it's RE - today is 6th January (Epiphany). Do you know what this is? Research it! You should be experts after performing in our nativity. Below is a short animation to remind you. 

I would like you to be creative today for RE. The Magi/Wise Men followed the star which led them to Jesus. Imagine if they hadn't followed that star! Today is all about stars. Be creative - make craft stars/fold origami stars/make star bunting/bake star cookies/draw stars/build a star from Lego. wink

These are a few ideas - if you have better ideas go with those. Remember to take pictures and email them to Mrs. Whitaker, then she'll share them with me. I can't wait to see your creations! yes

PE with Mrs. C!

Right year 6 time to move! We'll be working on keeping you fit and active this half term, using boxing based fitness moves. Boxers need to be incredibly fit and one of the ways they maintain their fitness is by skipping/jump rope. Watch the videos below to be inspired by Anthony Joshua and Floyd Mayweather. surprise

I know you can all skip - remember the skipping festival in year 4? wink Dig out those skips and remind yourself how to do it - all those different types of skipping moves too.

Next step is to build up your stamina - can you skip continuously for 1 minute/2 minutes/3 minutes? Try to practice at least 10-15 minutes each day for the next week. I'm joining in too! (Hopefully videos to follow)

If you don't have a skipping rope or can't borrow one, please email Mrs. Whitaker, who will let me know and I can drop one off at your home.

Boxing based next week - watch this space! yes


Science - Week 1

Hi Class 6, Happy New year!

I hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas and that you are ready to switch on your scientific brains! To help us think scientifically again, we are going to recap on electricity which we looked at last half term. For your first piece of Science I would like you to plan an investigation to answer a question but I am not going to give you a question! The only thing I am going to give you is a list of the equipment that would be available for you to use to answer your question. 

Here is the equipment: 

You have: only 1 cell but as many wires, bulbs and bulb holders as you need.

Using just these pieces of equipment you need to come up with a question that you can investigate. Remember the questions that we investigated before Christmas. (How does the number of cells in a circuit affect the brightness of the bulb? What happens to a motor if more cells are added to the circuit? How do you make a buzzer sound louder? What happens if you add more bulbs into your circuit?).

Once you have a question, you need to think about planning your investigation and making a prediction. How will your test be fair? what will you change and what will you keep the same?

Use the template below to help you plan your investigation and remember to include a circuit diagram so that we can carry out your plan when we return to school. Remember electrical safety and don't try to carry out any electrical investigations at home!  I look forward to seeing your work.

Thursday 7th January


For the first time, I have tried to make some short videos to help introduce some new learning for you at home. I hope they are ok and make things a little easier for you. Please contact me at any time, using the class email address, to ask any questions you might have or to share any work you have done. If I don't look at it straight away, I will by the end of the week! I am also aiming to ring you all soon to see how you are getting on.

Hope they're ok

Mrs W :) 

The Cave#1.mp4

Still image for this video

The Cave - a short story

Perimeter 1

Still image for this video

Perimeter 2

Still image for this video
Reasoning about perimeter

Perimeter worksheet 1 - Just the top of the sheet and just perimeter, not area yet

Perimeter practise

Reasoning about perimeter

Have a go at drawing your favourite foods and using the internet to find the French words for them. Then complete the sheet.

Hi class 6! 

Since you all were so fantastic at the Makaton we did last term, I thought I would put up a video of a lovely song for you to try at home. 

Miss D :)

Makaton CarPark Karaoke - MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC - Singing Hands

This is such a great cover of a classic song by Paloma Faith - so we just had to do it as a #Makaton #CarPark #Karaoke. The message within the lyrics are pe...

Friday 8th January
Hello! I hope you are getting on ok - I can't believe it's the end of week one already. Just drop me an email if you need anything or have any questions at all. Next week we will be continuing with perimeter and The Cave. We will also be introducing area and completing some long writing. Here are today's lessons:

Perimeter 2

Still image for this video

Perimeter worksheet

Perimeter 2 extension

Still image for this video

The Cave - vocabulary

Still image for this video

The Cave - reading comprehension

Still image for this video

Reading comprehension 1