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Castle Mosaic - by Ewan in Year 6. Test your times tables with this fabulous calculate and colour mosaic.

A Whole School Story

I hope you have all enjoyed the first part of our story and completing the castle and queen activities. Have fun reading episode 2!


Maths Fun


Oak National Academy

Weekly Link


English - Using verbs and adverbs to write an action scene.

Maths - Addition and subtraction.



BBC Bitesize

Maths - 2D shapes

Power Maths - Pages 92 - 95


English - Identifying errors in writing.


History - Who was William Shakespeare?


Extra Task - Create your own fact file all about William Shakespeare.


I hope you are enjoying the story so far. I would like you to draw a picture of a troll. This can be one from the story or a troll you have created. I would like you to write a short description telling me all about your troll. Remember to write in sentences and include lots of interesting adjectives. What does your troll look like? Where does your troll live? What kind of food does your troll like to eat? Is your troll a nice troll? 

Science Fun!

I've added some fun science activities for you to try at home. 



You might need an adult to help you.

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Properties of 3D shapes.


Power Maths - Page 88 - 91


English - Days of the week and joining words.


Geography - Introduction to Antarctica.

Where do trolls live?


Think about where your troll might live. Does he/she live in a forest or even a cave? Trolls might live in a special kind of house. We just don't know.

I would like you draw and label a picture of your troll home. How will you make it safe for your troll? How will you make it comfortable for your troll?



BBC Bitesize


Maths - Sorting 2D and 3D shapes.

Power Maths - Pages 92 - 95


English - Handwriting


Science - Parts of the body and the senses.




I've posted some links below to help with your French. 


A playground counting game to help with numbers.​​​​​​


What are the names of different shops in France?


What do we do at school?


Birds, bugs and beasts.


Troll Activities

The Year 6 boys and girls have made a list of some troll activities for you to try. 


*Design a troll outfit.

*Make troll Top Trumps cards.

*Create your own troll song.

*Design some weapons for your troll.

*Make a troll using junk materials.

*Write an adventure about Mr Benn going on a troll hunt.

*Trolls like to live in forests. Can you research some other forest animals?


BBC Bitesize


Maths - Shape patterns

Power Maths - Page 96 - 99


English - Describing words in adverts


Design and Technology - Repeat pattern making


Tabby has been working hard at home. Well done!

Gymnastics in the Supermarket!

BBC Bitesize

Maths - Weekly challenge


English - Reading activities


Computing - Using the web safely



We will be moving to Page 7 next week!