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Homework 2022/2023

Please also log on to and complete the SPag test (50 questions). 

Try 20 minutes of Lexia too! 

Remember to read every day :) 

Please go on and complete the next test. Also, use Lexia!

Please read this week and go on Lexia.

Please do Lexia at least 3 times a week this week.

Also, please bring a photo in  that we can photocopy to send in our replies to our pen pals blush.

This week we have been learning to do short and long division. Please have a go at the folowing:

Also, please use Lexia at least three times a week and also try ten minutes of please.

No Maths homework over half term - you deserve a rest.

Please just long-in to Lexia and do a couple of sessions of about 20 minutes.

Happy half term!

Please complete this word class worksheet. Also, make sure you do Lexia at least 3 times a week!

Word Classes

This weekend, please do some Lexia and some RM Easimaths. You have all got your log in information now.

This weekend, please play some spelling games using your new log in information and try some Lexia. Normal homework will resume next week!

If you have lines in 'Cinderella', please learn them off by heart asap please :)


This week, for homework, we are practising our fractions. Please have a go at the following:
3/4 of 40

6/7 of 21

10/12 of 120

5/8 of 24

2/3 of 12

1/4 of 16


3 divided by 6/7

4/5 divided by 5

7/10 divided by 4

1  3/4 divided by 6

2  1/3 divided by 8

This week's homework is all about percentages. Also, don't forget to do Lexia as often as possible.

Please make sure you complete Lexia at home, as often as you can.


This week, I would like you to do Lexia and

I have also given you either a rounding sheet or some long division.

Please do these if you have lost your sheet:

Round to the nearest 10:








Long Division

234 divided by 21

874 divided by 32

987 divided by 41

Please complete this work on parenthesis. Also work on Lexia!

Here's some reasoning questions to try....

Please correct your arithmetic paper at home.

If you haven't brought it or missed it, here is a copy,

Also, please work on Lexia and Spelling Shed.

Please keep up with lexia, and Spelling Shed!


No homework his weekend. Enjoy the extra day and get plenty of rest! smiley