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This week we have been learning about different units of measurement for length. Please have a go at these questions:

1. 98cm =_____mm

2. 567mm = ____cm

3. 34.7km = ___m

4. 5678m = ___km

5. 5679mm = ____cm

6. 56.78cm = _____m

7. 87.76m = _____cm

Have a go at these problems too..

 Please practise your times tables and 5/6 spellings too!



Have a go at these questions:

345g = ____kg

6.7l = ____ml

567mm = _____

45.6km = ___m

4567ml = _____l

34.56kg = _____g

12.56m = ____km

 Make sure you learn your lines for 'The Grinch' and for 'Bethlehem Lockdown'. Next week is the last week for filming.


I would like you to read this Christmas poem and answer the questions

Go for the last set of questions (there are three). You can mark your own afterwards!