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Good Morning Reception! Welcome back, I hope you all enjoyed a rest last week during half term. 


Today we are going to start with a maths puzzle....can you spot the mistakes in my number patterns? Write a post on our class blog if you can and don't forget to explain your answer! 


12   13  41  15  16                   18  17  16  14  13   


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge


I haven't decided whether we will find out about worms, bees or snails this week. Which creature would you like to find out about the most? Can you draw me a picture of your favourite, and write a simple sentence (or more writing) explaining why you have chosen it? I would love to see a photograph of your work.  


Have a lovely day xx 


Keep up the good work, Emma!

Hello boys and girls! I hope you enjoyed solving the number puzzle :-) Don't forget to send me your answers. You can do this by writing to me on our class blog or you could take a photo of your work and share it in our uploads folder. 

Here are two more activities that you may like to complete on Tuesday 


Can you complete the mastery counting to 20 activity? Link below. You will need 20 sweeties (try not to eat them all!) or small objects and a jar. 



Mrs Billington and I are really missing you all. Can you please write us a message to let us know all about the fun you have been having at home? We would love to hear from you and see your beautiful writing smiley


Lots of love to you all xx 

Thanks to Wilf and Freya for their ideas. We are going to learn about Centipedes first, then Bees :-)

Hello Reception! I'm excited to find out more about Centipedes this week. I wonder if you can find any in your garden, just like Freya? 


For your English activity I would like you to listen to the silly Centipede Rhyme-link below (Grown ups, you will need to read this aloud) Did you enjoy it? What happened to the Centipede? 


For your Maths activity, please can you complete the Oak Academy 'Pairs of legs' lesson (link below). I thought this would be fun to do as centipedes have lots of legs! 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge 

Star Jump Challenge 

You will need: lots of space, a timer (with help from a grown up) 

Mrs Connolly set her Year One class a fantastic challenge-I thought we could try it, too! How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute? Record your answer on our class blog page. Let's have a competition to see who can do the most! 

Good Afternoon Reception, I hope you are all ok.


We have had our first Star Jump Challenge entry! Freya managed 80 star jumps in 1 minute! Can you beat her score? Don't forget to count the star jumps and write how many you were able to do on our class blog smiley


Here is a maths activity that you may like to try today- 

You will need to use the socks in your sock drawer. Can you match pairs of socks together (if they are not already sorted). Then, can you count the pairs of socks in 2's up to 10? You may like to count to 20! Remember, when we count in 2's we start counting from 2, not 1. 

I hope you're having a lovely day xx 

The Counting by Twos Song

Missing you lots Freya xx

Still image for this video

Thank you for our lovely message, Freya. A breakfast picnic at the beach sounds like so much fun!

                                            Reception Home Learning 


Hello boys and girls. As we start a new week of learning there are going to be a few exciting changes to let you know about.

Firstly, I am looking forward to seeing some of you in school next week! I am sure that some of you are feeling nervous about coming back as I know we have been away from school for a long time. Try not to worry. I have planned lots of lovely activities for us to do in our new bubbles which I hope you will enjoy. Things will look a little bit different but we will all help each other to stay as safe as we can. I'm sure we will have lots of fun singing, learning and playing together heart 


For those of you who are learning at home I have created a new Activity menu of fun activities for you to choose from throughout the week. You may like to do all of the activities or just a few, it is up to you! Don't forget to continue to share photographs of your learning with me. I will be checking in on the class page, checking emails and updating our class blog throughout the week smiley This week our activities have a bee theme! 

I hope you enjoy them x 


Phonics-Grown ups-please continue to practice red words every day as flash cards. Continue to practice phase 3 sounds using sound mats *available on page 1 of Home Learning Support. Use Phonics Play games-Mrs Varty's group Phase 3 beginning-Mrs Billington's group phase3/4 . 

Reception Activity Menu 

Week beginning 8/06/2020

Use bubble wrap to

make a honeycomb print

picture with yellow paint.

Draw 7 bees on a flower.

Double the amount.

How many do

you have now? 

Use an egg box

and paint to make a

bee model 

You wont 

bee-lieve this! 

Find out 3 facts

about bees and ask a grown up to

help you to write a post

on our class blog. 

Make some honey on toast.

Did you like it?

Can you write some instructions

for Mrs Varty and Mrs Billington

to help us to make some, too? 

If you are able, download the

Beebot game onto your tablet.

Use forwards, backwards, left and right to

help the bee to complete the maze. 

Make some gold glitter honey bee slime!

take a photo and write sentences to

share how you made it.

Collect 9 sticks.

If you found 9 more,

how many would you have? 

Share The Very Greedy Bee

story (available on youtube) 

Use the Singing Walrus songs

(below) to practice counting

in 2's, 5's and 10's