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Autumn 2


Today we looked at some toys at our table. We took it in turns building, playing and moving each. We then came together and discussed the different ways we make toys and different objects move. We can push, pull, twist and turn different objects to make them move.


Autumn 1

Sight Test

Continuing our investigation into our senses, we put our sense of sight to the test. To start, we had 30 seconds to build a tall tower of cubes as quickly as we could. As we could see what we were doing, we were able to do this easily, making towers of 15 to 20 cubes tall! Then we had another go, this time without our sense of sight. We found this a lot harder as it was very fiddly trying to put the cubes together. Our towers were a lot small, many only being 5 to 8 cubes high. It was lots of fun!

Library Bus

Today the Library bus came! The children all got the chance to choose a book to take home and keep for a few weeks. There were lots to choose from. Once everyone had taken their book, we all came back to the classroom and spent some time reading and chatting about the books we had chosen. 

Taste Test!


We have been exploring our senses in science. Today we had a go at tasting different foods and writing down what they tasted like. We tried olives, lemon, mint leaves, gherkin and chocolate. We then discussed which our favourite and least favourite was explaining why. I wonder which one was the favourite to try..?


In Maths we have been looking at part part whole models. We know that the two parts equal the whole. Today, we practised making different models using 5 bean bags. We took it in turns to throw the bean bags - one part being the bean bags inside the hoop and the other part being the bean bags outside of the hoop. We know the whole was always going to be 5!

Hearing Test!


In Science we have been learning about our five senses and today we put our hearing to the test. The children had to listen to 12 different sounds and write down what they thought was making that sound - Some were trickier than others. The children had great fun laughing at some of the silly sounds.

Road Safety


Today we had an exciting assembly on Road Safety. The children learnt the importance of stopping, looking, listening and thinking before crossing any roads and why it is important to stay near a grown up when out walking or scooting. We all took part in learning a song to help us remember what we had learnt - Can you remember it?


Stop, look, listen and think before you cross the road.

Stop, look, listen and think before you cross the road.

Use your eyes and your ears, before you use your toes.

Stop, look, listen and think before you cross the road!

Maths Games


Today the children played a Maths game. They practised adding one more to a given number and had to see how many counters they could add to the board. The children played confidently and took turns rolling the dice. Everyone showed great maths skills and turn taking.

Louis Braille


We have started to learn about Louis Braille in our history lessons. The children had a go at creating a portrait of him by carefully outlining his features before painting over their sketch. 

Football Skills

(21.9.23)The children got the opportunity to practise their football skills. They showed great teamwork and listening skills as they had a go at controlling the ball during different games. They were brilliant and had lots of fun in the sun!



We have been learning about forgiveness in RE. In groups, the children were given different situations which they had to act out, thinking about how conflict can be resolved. Children were AMAZING at acting and working together. They used their facial expressions and body language to show different emotions. Well done class 1!

The Human Body


In Science, we have started learning about parts of the human body. The children had great fun drawing around each other and then adding on labels for all of our different parts. We then spoke about what each part of our body does, focusing on our senses. It was lots of fun!

Year 1 have made a FANTASTIC start to the year. They have settled into the new routines quickly and have enjoyed playing with their friends after a long summer break.

To launch the new Spanish curriculum, the children spent some time learning about Spain before having a go at learning some new Spanish words. They were able to count in Spanish from 1 – 10 and are beginning to pick up the different words for the colours. While learning these new words for all of the colours, the children got messy creating rainbows to decorate the classroom.

Count to 10 in English and Spanish!

Have a practise counting in Spanish at home!