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Monday 1st March 2021.


Today in Phonics, we are going to be looking at the new grapheme 'wh'.  The phrase we say for 'wh' is "whisper with a whistle".






First, you need to practise reading the phase 5 tricky words, using the slides below.

Next, watch my video of me introducing the sound 'wh' and then modelling segmenting and blending 'wh' words.

Then, practise reading 'wh' words from the list below. Some of these words you need to learn to read by sight.

Finally, choose a 'wh' word and draw a picture of for word, then label it.

Segmenting and blending 'wh' (w) words

Still image for this video


Today, we are going to practise writing the letters 'i','g' and 'h' together. The phrase we say is "fly high".

Watch the video below to see how to form the letters correctly, then practise writing your letters in the air and say the phrase. Then, have a go and write your letters on lined paper.

Model writing the 'igh' trigraph

Still image for this video


Today in Maths, we are going to be looking at 2D shapes. You need to look at the slides below and see if you can name each shape. Then using the sheet attached label each picture. If you are unable to print the sheet ask your grown up to draw some shapes for you to label instead.


The Three Little Pigs video

.This week in English we are going to be looking at this story in English.


Today is the start of March. Do you know what season we are moving into?

While the sun is shining and you are outside, I would like you to explore. Use your senses to spot signs of spring. What can you see, hear, smell or feel?  See if you can spot new buds on the trees or new flowers. Can you hear the birds singing? How do you feel? What are you wearing? Think about what happens to the length of the days as we move from Winter to Spring.

Once you have finished exploring, I would like you to draw or paint a picture  of all the seasonal changes that take place between Winter and Spring and all the things you noticed on your exploration. 


Today I challenge you to go outside and make a picture or a pattern using natural materials.


Tuesday 2nd March 2021.


Today, I would like you to revisit the sound 'wh' that I introduced yesterday.  We say "wh" when we see the two letters w and h together. The phrase we say for this grapheme is " whisper with a whistle."




You have four phonics tasks today:

1: Practise spelling the tricky words from phase 4.


2: Read through the 'wh' words on the green slides below. Talk with your grown up and make sure you know the meaning of each word.

3: For each word on the slides below, verbally tell your grown up a sentence containing each word.

4: Select a word which contains the 'wh' sound and write a sentence containing this word.


Today, we are going to be looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs. First, you need to look at the slides below and ask your grown up to read the story to you. Then, ordered the pictures which are attached below. If you unable to print, you could draw 4-6 pictures from the story. After ordering the pictures write a sentence to go with each picture.  


In maths today, we are going to continue to develop our knowledge of 2D shapes. Today I would like you to go on a shape around your home, garden or local area. I have attached a sheet below or you can make your own.

Maths Challenge.


Discuss your ideas with a grown up.



How many of these logo's can you recognise? Tell your grown up where you have seen them before.






Wednesday 3rd March 2021.



Today in Phonics, we are going to be looking at the grapheme 'wh' again. The phrase we say for 'wh' is "Whisper with a whistle." We previously learnt that 'wh' makes the 'w' sound, today we are going to look at words where 'wh' makes a 'h' sound. 





First, you need to practise writing your phase 3 sounds. Your grown up should say a sound from the mat below and you should then write that sound down on paper.


Next, watch the video of me introducing the sound 'wh'. Then, in the next video I'm modelling reading new 'wh' words. After that, Practise reading new 'wh' words from the list below. Finally, have a go at looking for 'wh' words using the phoneme spotter I have attached below.

Mrs Connolly Reading 'wh' words.

Still image for this video


Ask your Grown ups to read the story of The Three Little Pigs to you, using the slides from yesterday. After listening to the story, discuss the words below, see if you can come up with any alternative words that could be used in their place. For example: if the word to be changed was said, you could suggest shouted, called, whispered, barked, shrieked etc.

Words you should discuss are:

*Good (slide 4)

*Pleased (slide 5)

*Fine (slide 6)

*Quickly (slide 7)

*Came along (slide 10)

*Saw (slide 11)

*Snarled (slide 12)

*Growled (slide 13)

*Ran (slide 15)

*Cried (slide 17)

*Angry (slide 25)

*Crawled (slide 25)

*Surprise (slide 27)


Today in Maths, I have three shape problems for you to solve. Discuss each one with your grown up. I have added them below if you are able to print.


Today, I want you to think about the rooms in your house. First, look through the slides below. Next, write a list of the rooms that are in your house. You might have some more that weren't on the pictures.


Can you name all the letters that make up your name? The names are what we call the upper case letters.

Thursday 4th March 2021.

Today is World Book Day, look at the slides below to find out all about it. Then, I want you to complete tasks from the list below and have fun!

Write a book review.


Use the template below to write a book review for your favourite story.



Read a book in an unusual place.


Find an unusual place to read a book. Ask your grown up to take a photograph and send it to me.



Go on a scavenger hunt.


Choose some of your favourite books and look for the items below.


Make a bookmark.


Use a piece of card to make a bookmark and decorate it with stickers or felt tipped pens. 


World book day wordsearch.

If you could write your own book what would you call it? Design a book cover for it.


Today, I want you to sort pictures of 2D shapes. You need to cut out the pictures attached below and stick them in the correct grid. Remember we are looking at squares, circles, rectangles and triangles, so you will only need to print the first two pages.


Can you name the months of the year? Tell your grown ups which month we are in now. Which month will come next? Which month is your birthday in?

Friday 5th March 2021.


Today we are having our last class zoom session at 11:30am, before returning to school next week. You should had a code via email, to allow you to join. It will be lovely to have everyone together and share how our week has gone.

Hope to see you then!


Today, in phonics we are going to consolidate our learning from over the past few weeks. 

Your first job is to practise writing phase 4 sentences, using the pictures below.



Your second job today is to practise recognising the phase 5 sounds using the slides below.


Your third job is to practise reading your tricky words from phase 5, by playing the tricky word trucks game on phonics play. Click on the image below and it should take you to web page.


Your final job is to choose a tricky word from phase 5 and create a sentence using that word.



Today, I would like you to think about the dialogue between the characters. You know the wolf says to the pigs "Little pig, little pig let me come in" and "I will huff and and I will puff and I will blow your house down". The little pigs say "not by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin I will not let you in". What else would the pigs say to the wolf? What else would the wolf say? What could the straw, stick and brick sell say?

Use the speech bubbles below to write some sentences or questions the characters might say at any point in the story.


Today, I would like you to suggest what the characters might be thinking at three points in the story. Take a look at the pictures below and talk to your grown up about what each character might be thinking in the freeze frames.


Today, we are going to think about the properties of 2D shapes. Watch my video below and then complete the sheet attached. 


Can you count in 2's, 5's and 10's backwards. Start at 20 in 2's, 50 in 5's and 100 in 10's. 

If you can do that can you count back from a given number; for example if your grown up says 16, can you say 14, 12, 10, 8 etc to 2.

If your grown up says 35, can you 30, 25, 20, 15 etc. If your grown up says 70, can you say 60, 50, 40, 30 etc.