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5th January 2021

Happy New Year Class 3. I hope you have had a lovely Christmas with your families and that you are well. Here is some Maths work for you to have a go at. Before the Christmas holidays, we were  learning about short multiplication so have a go at the questions to recap your learning.



In English, we are starting a new book called The Great Cave, by Terry Deary.  I would  like you to read  pages 7-9  and answer the following questions.

Mrs Billington's Group


Everyday, I will be setting work for the children, who were in Mrs Billington's Maths and English group. The first two activities can be found below.


Hi Class 3, Happy New Year!

Before Christmas we were looking at healthy eating and the types of foods which make up a balanced diet. For your first piece of Science at home I would like you to create a model plate of a balanced meal. We did plan our plates in school before the holidays but if you can't remember what your plate looked like then create a new balanced meal. Your plate should contain carbohydrate, protein and plenty of vegetables or salad. I have included some pictures to help you with your model building.


Eatwell Plate

Once you have completed your model please take a photograph of your creation and email it to the Class 3 email address so that I can see all of your fabulous work. 

A Challenge: Name the food and the food group of each item on your plate and write a short description of how they are used by the body.

6th January 2021



Today, we have started learning about division. When we are dividing numbers the most important thing is to remember that we have equal groups. 



In English, we have read the first chapter from 'The Great Cave' and have discussed two of the characters called Willow and Flint. I would like you to read this chapter and then write a short paragraph about each of the characters. 


This is an image of Willow and Flint from ' The Great Cave'. I would like you to reproduce this image using a medium of your choice. I look forward to seeing your designs. 



I will be uploading reading activities each week to our class page so you can practise your comprehension skills. The text we are reading is called  'The Great Monster' by Terry Deary.  Remember to read the text carefully before answering any questions. 


Mrs Billington's Group


I would like you to write  some sentences about what you did on Christmas day.  You may want to include:

  • How you felt when you woke up
  • Where you found your presents
  • who you spent the day with
  • What your favourite present was
  • What you had for lunch
  • What you did after lunch. 


Identify how many tens  and ones are in each number. 

13 = 1 ten and 3 ones

17 =






Circle the largest number.


15  or 19


29 or 21


23 or 32


15  or 51


RE with Mrs. C!

Good morning year 3, Happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas resting and spending time with your families. smiley


It's Wednesday, which means it's RE, hooray! We are beginning a new unit of work today - don't worry I haven't forgotten about our 'Litter pick.' We'll fit it in as soon as we can. 


Our new RE topic is called 'People of God.' I wonder what this might be about? wink

Do you know about any 'People of God?' If you have a Bible at home look inside to see who you can find. So that you don't forget their names you could write a list/make puppets/draw pictures/use symbols/make a word search with the names hidden inside. You choose the one which will help you remember the people best.

If you don't have a Bible at home, then try to remember the stories and names you have heard at school. Or you could ask someone - grandparents are usually good at this sort of thing! smileyyes


You could email your work to Mr. Arnott, then he could share it with me so that I can enjoy your work too!

PE with Mrs. C!

Wednesday is one of our usual PE days, it's a lot harder to do at home! In school I'll be working with the other children to keep them fit, active and healthy. Move, Move, Move! 


You could invent some exercises to show/tell me. I would like you to use a timer this week to see if you can do a certain movement or exercise for 1 minute, 2 minutes or even 3 minutes without stopping!

Challenge your grown-ups to a competition! wink


Here are some ideas:

Go up and down the stairs - how many times can you do it in 2 minutes? 

Dance to a whole song - keep going until the song finishes!

Burpees - how many can you do in 1 minute?

Skipping - can you skip without stopping for 1 minute/2 minutes?

Go for a walk - how many miles?

keepy-ups with a ball - how many can you do altogether?


Please invent more and tell me so that I can do it too. I'll try the 6 ideas and let you know how I get on, maybe we could have a year 3 competition? blush Healthy Happy Hearts heart

6th January 2021

Every week, I will set some Maths revision for you to complete. This will be something that we have learnt in school and the task should take you less than ten minutes to complete.  



In English, we have read the  second chapter from 'The Great Cave' called Bull.  The main events from the chapter are listed below-in chronological order. 


  • Women were making clothes from animal skins 
  • Young hunters were pushing and fighting each other trying to keep warm.
  • Bull ordered everyone to sit by the fire so they could talk about the hunt
  • Bull laughed at Flint because he was slow
  • Flint pointed a stone knife at Bull
  • The hunters made a plan about hot to kill the bison in the valley
  • Bull took ten hunters to hide in the valley
  • Flint told the women that Willow should be the next chief when they left for the hunt

I would like you to write a paragraph describing the main events using adjectives and sequencing words. Remember to use the word bank below to help you. 



Following on from yesterday's division lesson we are going to use known facts to help us divide using mental calculations. 


Task 1 

Task 2 



I would like you to learn the following spellings this week:-









After you have learnt them try using the spellings in a sentence.

Friday 8th January 



Mrs Billington's group


Mrs Billington's group have just started to read 'Stone Age Boy'. I would like to you write some sentences about the girl and boy, like the examples below.


The boy has brown hair.

The girl is holding a torch.  



Mrs Billington's group have been adding numbers using objects. Answer the questions below:


4 + 5=

5 + 2 =

2 + 6 =

14 + 5 =

11 + 6 =

23+ 5 =






In today's lesson you will be learning about remainders but I would like you to watch these videos  first. 

Maths Task 1 


Watch the grouping video then answer the questions below. 


Still image for this video

1) 17÷ 2  =

2) 14 ÷ 3 =

3) 18 ÷ 5=

4) 21 ÷ 4 =

Maths Task 2 


Watch the number line video then answer the questions below. 

number line

Still image for this video

1) 13 ÷ 2  =

2) 22 ÷ 3 =

3) 34 ÷ 5 =

4) 29 ÷ 4 =