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Week 6 8.2.21


Monday 8th February


Good Morning, boys and girls! I hope you have enjoyed a restful weekend with your families. 

As Valentine's Day is next Sunday, I thought it would be nice to end this half term with Valentine's activities. 

This week, we will learn about how this special day is celebrated. We will think about people who are special to us in our families and will find ways to show them how much we love and appreciate them. 


I would like you begin by looking at the Powerpoint with your grown ups. 

* Can you draw a picture, to show the symbols of Valentine's Day? 

*Can you talk about how Valentine's Day is celebrated?

Valentine's Day Powerpoint


Who Invented Valentine's Day? 


As a challenge, watch this Newsround clip to find out about the history of this special day. Can you remember any important facts? You may like to record a video to tell me what you have learnt. 

Our 'Wake-Up, Shake-Up' for this week!

Phonics Valentine's Game




Search for your Heart( A Phonics Family game)


Re-cap previously learnt tricky words- I the to no go into you     our new word is be

Here are the instructions for your grown ups... 


What you will need:

Cut some small paper hearts and onto each one write a word with a white crayon or candle. You will also need a sentence with a couple of words missing, that are on the paper hearts. Have the words 'I' and 'you' missing from the sentence, 'I love you'.

How to play:

Search 1 - Hide the paper hearts around the house, for your child to hunt for and find.

Search 2 - Using a pink or red felt tip pen, your child colours in the hearts in order to reveal the hidden words drawn in wax.

Search 3 - Your child now reads all the words on the paper hearts and searches for the correct ones to complete the sentence. You could have more than one sentence, to complete as an extra challenge, or leave this part out depending on how you think your child would get on.

Have fun! 







In Maths this week, we will be reviewing the names and properties of 3D shapes. Today,  I would like you to review the names of the 3d shapes by joining in with the song below. Can you find...

* 1 cone

* 1 cylinder 

* 1 cube 

* 1 sphere 


3D Shapes Song


Tuesday 9th February 


Good Morning, Everyone!

Today I would like you to think about someone that you love. It can be a member of your family, or a friend. Can you draw a picture of your special person? Underneath, write 'I love....' and the name of your person. 

Next, I would like you to write about why you love your special person. You may need help to write some words, but try to sound out to help you to spell. 

If you are able to access a printer, print out the template sheet below. 


'Who Do You Love?' Writing Activity

Our New Sound....



In Phonics today, we will be learning a new sound! Follow Mrs Varty's phonics lesson, using the link below. 

Our New Sound

Still image for this video

Green 'nk' words

Still image for this video

Find and write the 'nk' words

Extension challenge-Read the sentences and highlight the 'nk' words


Maths Mastery 


In Maths today we will be naming and describing two, 3d shapes! Follow the link to find out more....

What's in the Bag?

Still image for this video


Wednesday 10th February 



Good Morning, Everyone!

On Valentine's Day, we think about how we can show someone that we care about and appreciate them.

Today, I would like you to think about a kind act that you could do to help a member of your family. Some examples of this could be: 


*Making a card for a family member.  

*Helping a grown up with a household chore. 

*Playing with your younger brother or sister.

*Tidying your toys in your bedroom. 

*Making sure your bed is made.  

Please take a photograph and send it to me, on Tapestry.


As it is such a snowy day, I would also love to see photographs of you having lots of fun outside! 


In Phonics today, we will be learning a new sound! Follow Mrs Varty's phonics lesson, using the link below. 

Our New Sound

Still image for this video

Our Green Words

Still image for this video

Make your own 'Thing on a String'


Challenge-Make a 'Thing on a String'!


Can you make your own 'thing on a string'? Use the words king, wing, sing, ring, to draw your pictures.  

'ng' formation worksheet

Maths Mastery 


In Maths today, we will be naming and describing two new 3d shapes! Follow the link to find out more....

Shape Challenge

Still image for this video


Thursday 11th February 


Good Morning boys and girls! Today, we are going to find out about St. Valentine. Firstly, I would like you to talk through the Powerpoint below with your grown up. How did St. Valentine help people? 

St. Valentine Powerpoint


St. Valentine came from Italy. Can you find out something about Italy, to share on Tapestry? You could look in a book, or use the internet to find out information. 




Begin by playing the 'My Heart is full' game. 


You will need

* A large heart outline, drawn on paper. 

*A dice 

*A dice list of tricky words the, you, go, be, into, to


Roll the dice and write the tricky word into the heart. Can you fill the heart with as many words as you can? 

'My Heart is Full' Game


Please review our new sounds 'ng' and 'nk'.  

Write a word or a sentence to match each of the pictures below. 

'Ng' and 'nk' Pictures


3D Shape Models


Using some empty boxes and items from your recycling, please can you make a 3D shape model? Maybe you could make a car, a castle, house, or a robot? Talk to your adult about the different shapes you use. Which shapes are easiest to build with? Please take a photo of your finished model, to share on Tapestry. 


Have a lovely day! 





Our Reception zoom session is @2:30 pm on Friday afternoon. Please use previous login details sent out, to join the meeting, and remember to change the screen name to your child's name, so Miss Wilson can let them in!


Please can you have a go at the 'Bestest Friend' Wake-Up, Shake-Up,  shared earlier in the week, before we meet tomorrow? I would also like you to think of a special message, for one of your Reception friends.


We can't wait to see you tomorrow! smiley  

Friday 12th February 


Happy Friday, everyone! Today will be our last day of Home Learning, before we break up for Half Term.




To finish our Valentine's week, I would like you to have a go at a painting activity inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky.

You will need: 

A paint palette, water and brush 

A Kandinsky template printed on paper-or you can ask your grown up to draw a version for you. 


Use the Powerpoint below, to talk about Kandinsky. Look closely at his painting, Concentric Circles. What do you notice about the colours used in the painting? 

Then, have a go at making your own Valentine's version, using your paint and the template. I would love to see your finished masterpieces!  



Kandinsky Hearts




At school, we have been talking about how we are all unique and precious. What does the word 'precious' mean? Can you ask your grown ups? Then, I would like you to share the story of 'The Precious Pearl' together. Follow the link below. 

The Precious Pearl

PE-Valentine's Yoga




Please can you write your name and surname, neatly on a line? Make sure that your letters are a good size and that you use the correct letter routes. 


Have a wonderful Half Term! :-)