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A Troll Poster. Well done Niamh!

A Whole School Story

Chapter 3 - Episode 3

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Telling the time to five minutes

Power Maths - Pages 144 - 147


English - What is a story?


Science - Bubble fun

Maths Fun

Year 2 Memories


I would like you to think about your time in Year 2. Our school year has been a little bit shorter than normal. However, I would love to see what you have enjoyed. I've attached a memories sheet for you to complete.



A Whole School Story

Chapter 3 - Episode 4

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Hours and days

Power Maths - Pages 148 - 151


English - What makes good characters?


PE - How we move



Design and draw a new musical instrument. How would you play it? What will it sound like?


A Whole School Story

Chapter 4

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Calculate durations

Power Maths - Page 152 - 155


English - Settings in stories


Science - How science can be found in sport

Art and Design


Make a bookmark to use when you are reading. Will you draw any story characters on your bookmark?


Alphabet Hunt


Can you spot an item in your home or garden that starts with the letter a, b, c and so on?


BBC Bitesize


Maths - compare durations of time

Power Maths - Page 156 159


English - Planning and writing a story


Dance - The Nutcracker

Summer Holidays


Hi Class 2,


It's the start of the summer holidays tomorrow. We hope you all have a fantastic holiday with your families. Thank you for always working hard and trying your best. We are all looking forward to seeing you in September when you start back in Year 3.


Keep smiling!


Mrs Gibson, Mrs Wilson, Miss Wilson, Mrs Skelton, Brian and the Beast xxx



Favourite Memories. Well done Harry!