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Monday 11th January 2021.


Today I would like you write a character description of the troll.

Think about what does he look like? If you could touch him what would he feel like? What might he smell like? What might he sound like?

Don't forget to get a high 5 for your sentence you need to remember 5 things;

1 Start with a capital letter

2 Sounds your words words using your phonic sounds.

3 Use finger spaces

4 End your sentence with a full stop

5 Read your sentence back to check it makes sense.

I can't wait to read them and share them with your friends!


Use the number cards to make 4 addition sentences.


_____+_____ = _____

_____+_____ = _____
_____=_____ + _____
_____=_____ + _____



Have a go at this:


Today we are looking at the seasons of the year. The season has recently changed and we are now in winter.  Watch the slides I have added below and discuss the signs you might now see with your grown up. Then go out with your family on a winter walk and see what signs of winter you can see outside in your local area, I have attached a checklist for you to tick off items as you go, alternatively you could always make your own!

Tuesday 12th January 2021.


Today I would like you to work out the answers to these addition number sentences.

You might want to use objects to help you work the answers out. You could use felt tipped pens, sweets, lego etc.

Find the amount of objects to represent the first number, then find the amount of objects for the second number then add them together to find the total by counting all the objects. 

I have added this sheet below if you want to download it to write on or you can just write the number sentences out on paper.


Today I would like you to draw a story map for The Three Billy Goats Gruff story. I have added a video demonstrating how to do this.

You need to draw your map with pencil and then you can colour it in. When you have finished you can practise telling the story using the words I uploaded on Friday, your grown up can read the words and then you can do actions to match.


Can you join in with the words and make your own video?


Mrs Connolly drawing a story map for The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Still image for this video


Today I would like you to read the story of 'Jonah and the whale' and think about the role of God.

After watching talk to your grown ups about why do you think some people believe we need to listen to God? In our lives who else is it important to listen to? What do you think will happen if we don't listen to God or the other important people you identified?

You could then order the story using the cards below or if you don't have a printer create your own cards using paper.

Wednesday 13th January 2021.


Today I would like you to practise spelling the tricky words below from phase 3. Your parents should read the word and you then need to attempt to write the word down, remember tricky words are words you need to read on sight and can't be sounded out.


Then I would like you to practise reading the tricky words from phase 4 on the slides below.


Today I would like you to add the talk for writing labels onto your story maps that you drew yesterday. The labels I would like you to add are:

* Once upon a time

* Early one morning

* First

* Next

* Finally

* In the end.

I have attached a video below to show you how to do this.

You can then use your finished storymap to tell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Mrs Connolly Modelling adding labels to a story map.

Still image for this video


In maths this week we have been looking at number bonds and today we are going to be comparing number bonds using the vocabulary greater than, less than and equal to. There is a video below explaining this further.

After watching the video work your way through the activities, in the first one you need to find the number bonds that have an equal total, in the second activity you need to add the correct mathematical symbol (<, > or =) In the final activity you need to add the correct missing number to make the number sentence make sense.

Take your time and work your way through, some of the questions are a real challenge!  

Mrs Connolly explaining greater than, less than and equal to.

Still image for this video


Don't forget you have a log in code for a maths website called 'Numbots. The code is stuck in your home school diary at the back in the notes section.

If you haven't already I would like you to log on to the website using the link below, create a character and then work your way through the levels of story mode section. 


This term in art we are going to be looking at materials. Today I would like you to make a winter picture using any collage materials you have at home. You could use straws, pipe cleaners, fabric, sequins, cotton wool, sticks, buttons etc.

I can't wait to see your creations!

Our winter art creations.
Wednesday 14th January 2021.


Today I would like you to revise your phase 3 sounds using the sides below. Once you can say the sounds see if you can write the sounds when your grown up says them.

I have then attached a some new phase 4 word cards to practise reading and writing. 


Ask your Grown ups to read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff to you using the slides below. After listening to the story discuss the words below and see if you can come up with any alternative words that could be used in their place; For example if the word to be changed was walked, you could suggest trotted, hiked, stepped, marched, trooped or strolled.

Words you should discuss are:

*Sweet (Slide3)

*Gobbled (Slide 5)

* Growled (Slide 7)

* Roared (Slide 13) 

* Big (Slide 20)



Today I would we are going to be looking at comparing number bonds again. Below are some problems I would like you to complete.

You can either print the cards using the document added below or write the problems out on paper. Go back to the slides and video from yesterday to revisit how we solve these greater than, less than and equal to number problems. 

Friday 15th January 2021.

Dough Disco.

In school every morning we start the day with 'play dough disco'. This involves everyone having a piece of playdough and manipulating the dough using different shapes in time with the music. The children take it in turns to be the teacher and demonstrate the movements at the front of the class. I thought you might like to start each day with this activity or use this as a movement break in between the other task I have set you!

I have added a video below to show you the movements, There is a link to song we use below too and if you don't have playdough at home I have included a recipe which you could use to make some.

The movements for dough disco

Still image for this video


Today I would like you to play segmenting and blending eye spy with your grown ups. Using the picture below I would like you to segment the words and then your grown up can blend the sound you say. Then your grown up can segment the words and you can blend it. I have uploaded a video of me doing it to show you. 

Once you have managed that your grown up could segment the word of an object and you could write that word on paper. 

I have added the picture encase you would like to download and print it.


Today in English I would like you to think about how the characters might feel, what they might say and what they might be thinking at different points in the story. 

You can either choose the troll when he falls into the water after being pushed off the bridge or one of the goats when they are all together in the meadow at the end of the story.

Watch the video from early in the week, discuss your ideas with your grown up and then write your words, phrases or sentences in the shapes below. What the character might say goes in the speech bubble, what the character might be thinking goes in the cloud and what the character might feel goes in the heart shape.




Today we are going to adding numbers together using the part, part whole model. This is something we have used many times before but watch my video to show you how to do this.



Finding the whole number using the part, part whole model.

Still image for this video