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Home Learning Update

Dear Families,


As we establish new routines, we are very aware that all the children should receive the best possible teaching, whether in school or at home.  We know that you all carried the burden during the first lockdown, but this time is different.  Whilst we work within the capacity given to us, we intend on building up new routines for the coming weeks, where our staff team deliver the teaching and follow-up activities, mainly online.  We must also continue to work within the safeguarding guidelines.


The main place we will be sharing resources is via our website Class Pages.  Each class has its own page, and the activities will be placed in the Home Learning section, dated for each day.  There will be an English and maths lesson, as well as some other subjects including science, RE and PE.  During the week there will also be a mixture of video content for new learning, written activities and some that involve being as active as possible.


Whilst we aim to provide this range for everyone, each class will have age and curriculum-appropriate content.


There will be some direct communication, each week, with all families – including using some live video – with the expectation that every child will have completed the tasks set.  Time capacity means that feedback will only be given at the end of the week.  Therefore, Class Pages will be updated from Monday to Thursday, and Friday will be used to respond to the work submitted and issues raised.


As you will know, every class has a its own home support email address.  This is where any work may be submitted for the class teachers to look at, but please do not expect an immediate response.  Remember, it’s Feedback Friday – but anything urgent can be sent to the main office address.


The number of critical (key) workers in the school building is much higher than during the previous lockdown.  This limits the amount of time staff have, and a fair balance needs to be struck between those in school and those at home.  Thank you for your patience as we work this through over the coming days.


Please also remember that, if you have any safeguarding concerns – either contact school directly or ring the Front Door on 0345 2000 109.


There will be further updates in the coming days.


We hope that you are all well.


Take care,

The St Bart’s Team