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"Living with COVID-19" - following updated Government advice

Following the Government's announcement to remove the remaining legal restrictions for COVID-19, as we learn to live with the virus, here are the updated measure we should follow:



The Government has removed the guidance for pupils in most education and childcare settings to undertake asymptomatic testing.  All settings may be advised Public Health to recommend lateral flow device (LFD) tests to manage an outbreak.


What if a child has symptoms?

They should not attend school.

National guidance recommends that people take a PCR test if they have symptoms. Anyone who tests positive is still advised to stay at home and avoid contact with others for at least five full days. They are advised to continue to follow the guidance until they have received two negative test results on consecutive days.


What about a confirmed positive case?

Children and young people with COVID-19 should not attend school whilst they are infectious. They should take an LFD test from 5 days after their symptoms started (or the day their test was taken if they did not have symptoms) followed by another one the next day. If both these test results are negative, they should return to school as long as they feel well enough to do so and do not have a temperature.


Contacts of a positive case are no longer required to self-isolate or advised to take daily tests and contact tracing has ended.  Children and young people who are contacts of a positive case should attend school as usual.


The contingency framework for education and childcare settings guidance still says that school should consider taking further action if they face severe operational disruption to face-to-face education.  We will do all we can to remain open for all pupils.


Please be assured that school continues to implement good infection, prevention, and control measures to provide protection against infection and associated education disruption.


If you have any questions, please contact school directly.