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September 2020 – Plan for School Reopening - UPDATED


From Wednesday 2nd September 2020, school will be reopening fully, in-line with the latest Government Guidance and complete Covid-19 risk assessment.  We have aimed to make the necessary changes whilst minimising the impact on routines and maximising the learning opportunities for all our children.


We recognise that, whatever we must put in place, may have an impact on our children’s families, and we have consciously tried to consider them in these decisions.  Things cannot be as they once were and we must be very clear regarding our expectations of the children, their families and ourselves.


The things that we believe work well for our school will remain, if slightly adapted, whilst other things that do not have a positive impact on the safety, wellbeing and development of our children will be altered.  Our vision, mission, ethos and values remain the same.  They underpin our world view and approach to education, in every context.




If anyone is unwell, displaying symptoms of Covid-19, they should self-isolate and be tested without delay.  If the test is returned positive, the self-isolation should be for at least 10 days.  Please let the school office know.  School will be liaising very closely with NHS Test and Trace, following their advice and guidance.  In the event of a positive test, others within the appropriate "bubble" may be asked to self-isolate.  Whilst maintaining confidentiality, we will act quickly and only communicate with those affected, putting further measures in place - including any home learning support as required.


If any of our children become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms within school, we will contact families immediately and expect that they will come to collect their child straight away.  Whilst waiting, the child will be isolated away from other children - but always reassuringly supervised by a familiar member of our staff.  It is, therefore, vital that we have your most up-to-date contact information and that you are available to be contacted throughout the day.  We are sure that you will understand.


No parents may come into the building without an appointment.  All communication must be by email, telephone, our school app or social media.  We cannot chat at the doors whilst maintaining important distancing and strict timings.  Sorry.


The only items allowed between home and school are:

  • Coats
  • Reading books
  • Home-School Diaries (Early Years to Class 3 only)
  • PE kit and small bag
  • Packed lunches
  • Musical instruments for peripatetic lessons


We must still minimise the sharing of equipment and resources.  Therefore, all of the children will be provided with a personal set of stationary, but children in Classes 5 and 6 may bring in a pencil case etc, which must remain in school during term time.


All other belongings should remain at home.


Homework will be set online via our website from now on, so as to minimise the movement of resources between home and school.


Hand washing, good respiratory hygiene and regular cleaning continue to be the most effective ways to reduce the risk of virus transmission.  Whilst we will be giving time to and expect all of the children to wash their hands regularly, we will begin the term with more hand sanitiser, especially in Early Years and Key Stage 1, until all are trained in thorough hand washing.  This will help us establish the vital timings for routines more effectively.


The “Bubble” Principle


To reduce the potential spread of viruses, we must limit the mixing of the children.  Therefore, Early Years and each class will remain in their own grouping, very similar to the bubbles we have been using during the summer term.  This brings some challenges and so we will be reviewing our procedures very regularly.




Our usual uniform expectations will continue.  Every child should come to school dressed smartly and appropriately in clean uniform.  They should not wear any jewellery (especially earrings), false nails, make-up, have sculpted or dyed hair.  These are not allowed.  If your child has had their ears pierced, please understand that earrings will need to be taken out for the first day back at school.  Tape and plaster coverings will not be allowed as a solution.  Thank you.


As we will be utilising the outdoor space even more than usual, please ensure that the children are always equipped with suitable outdoor clothing such as waterproof coat and sensible shoes.  PE kits should include something warm for autumn and winter weather such as a navy jumper or hoodie and navy tracksuit bottoms.


Breakfast Club


Sadly, we cannot offer our usual Breakfast Club for the first 2 weeks of term.  We know that this will prove difficult for some of our families but, until we have been able to minimise the mixing of children from different bubble classes, this is not possible.  We will have our before-school provision up and running as soon as possible.



New Timings and One-Way System


To minimise the mixing of children and their families, the gate will only open at 8:40am and 3:10pm.  All children from Years 1 to 6 should enter via the usual Pupil Gate.  We encourage children in Classes 5 and 6 to be dropped off at the gate to minimise the number of people on site.  Exit will be via the new side gate unless the step is an issue for those who need a completely flat surface.  All children up to Year 4 must be accompanied by an adult with whom they must stay until the doors open.  Bikes and scooters should be stored using the cycle racks and kept separate – any excess should be lined up against the fence.  There can be no games or mixing before school.  Adults must remain socially distanced whilst on school premises.  Once the cloakroom doors are opened (see below for timings and images) all adults must leave the school site immediately via the side gate (unless accessibility is an issue.)


Early Years' families should keep to the St Bart’s side of the path leading up to the Early Years doors, keeping their distance until the doors open.  Those dropping the children off should then exit up the middle of the path.  This will give plenty of space for both schools to allow smooth hand-over of the children.


The gates will be locked at 9am and 3:40pm.  Any late pupils must contact the school office and not come into the building until given permission by our office staff.  Please do not be late!



Class Start times


Nursery and Reception: children drift into school from 8:45am until 8:55am.  Formal activities start at 9am.  Parents will drop their children off with Mrs Varty at the door.  You cannot come into the cloakroom.  Mrs Lisle and Mrs Heslop will be in the cloakroom to help the children before they wash their hands and enter the classroom, where Miss Wilson will be waiting to supervise them.


Classes 2, 4 and 6 will start at 8:45am.  This earlier start allows 10 minutes for them to wash their hands and enter the classroom before the next class enters the building.


Classes 1, 3 and 5 start at 8:55am.


Each class will have their own break time and lunch time, so that they do not mix.  We will utilise each outdoor space as much as possible


These morning breaks will be:

Early Years - outside when can

Class 3 - 10:00am

Classes 1 & 5 - 10:15am

Classes 2 & 4 - 10:30am

Class 6 - 10:45am


Lunch times (45 minutes):


Reception children will have use of the Dining Hall and Classes 1 to 6 will have their lunches served in their classrooms.  The initial hot food menu is attached.  Children may bring their own packed lunches, which will remain in their classroom.  A healthy morning snack and a personal water bottle is also recommended.


Reception- 11:45 to 12:30pm

Yr1- 12:00 -12:45, lunch at 12pm; outside at 12:25

Yr2- 12:00 -12:45, outside at 12:00; lunch at 12:25

Yr3- 12:00 -12:45, lunch at 12pm; outside at 12:25

Yr4- 12:00 -12:45, outside at 12pm; lunch at 12:25

Yr5- 12:30 -1:15, lunch at 12:30pm; outside at 12:45

Yr6- 12:30 -1:15, lunch at 12:30; outside at 1pm


We understand that there have been some difficulties paying for lunches via Joinos.  We have been assured that this system is just being updated and will be ready very soon.  Please do not worry.  Every child will be fed whilst in school and we will keep careful records.


Class Home times:


Again, to minimise the interaction and maintain social distancing, our gates will open at 3:10pm.  Parents should wait near to the cloakroom doors, ready for the new home times.


Nursery - 11:45am

Reception - 3:25pm

Classes 1 and 4 - 3:15pm

Classes 2 and 3 - 3:25pm

Class 5 - 3:20pm

Class 6 - 3:30pm


All parents, once they have collected their children, must leave the site straight away via the side gate.  We cannot allow any games or playing after school.  All of the children must stay with their adult at all times.


Children in Classes 5 and 6 may walk home unaccompanied only once we have received this signed permission.


The gates will be locked at 3:40pm.


If you are unavoidably delayed, the children will remain in their classroom and you must contact the school office so that handover can be aranged.


Sadly, we cannot offer any after-school clubs initially.


We are hoping to be able to relax a lot of these restrictions as soon as is possible, but we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work things out together.


Thank you.